GTA Online 1.54 update drastically reduces load times: Patch notes & details

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gta online 1.54 update

A recent investigation by a modder found that GTA Online had a particular file that was causing excessive loading time. Rockstar has now added the 1.54 update to the game and it reduces the title’s loading screens.

For all of Grand Theft Auto’s excellence in world-building, design, and overall enjoyment, the game has always suffered from excessive load times. Players wanting to dive straight into an online game have had to sit back on their phones for a while and wait patiently.

However, a new way was recently found that would supposedly slash GTA Online load times. Instead of rejecting the invasion of the game’s files, Rockstar has embraced the idea and decided to implement it into their game via the 1.54 update. It is expected that players can experience up to 70% faster loading speeds in GTA now.

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Lots of companies would take exception to an outsider tampering with their game files and exposing a gaping flaw for the whole world to see. So it’s incredibly positive to see Rockstar not only acknowledge it but also use it to make GTA Online faster.

GTA Online 1.54 patch notes

Whilst the notes aren’t official just yet, one GTA Online Reddit thread has been opened to discuss the new update

  • Improvements & Fixes: Loading the Story Mode / Online on PC is now way faster than before.
  • Test on my low-end specs: CPU: Intel Core i3 4005u, GPU: NVIDIA GT 820m, RAM: 4GB, Old HDD
  • Loading time before update: 9 minutes and 38 seconds
  • Loading time after update: 3 minutes and 15 seconds

Which platforms is the GTA Online 1.54 update on?

The newest update for GTA Online has gone live across all the major platforms. So PlayStation, Xbox, and PC owners can currently go and download the update right now.

As far as we can tell, the significant loading times boost only seems to apply to PC. Console users are reporting that there’s been no significant improvement on loading time performance. Whereas PC players are happily commenting that the update has proven to be most effective.

and one user has said, “Got the update on PS4, didn’t notice anything yet.” Another user also said, “40 seconds for changing lobby, still slow on starting up the game and I’m on Xbox Series X.”

So for the time being at least, this fix only seems to apply to PC users, and console users, even on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, will have to settle for the default times.

Grand Theft Auto players will be encouraged to know that a large update in terms of significance won’t actually take that long to enforce.

How big is the GTA Online 1.54 update?

Here is the official file size for the update on each platform:

  • PlayStation: 700 MB
  • Xbox: 1 GB
  • PC: 400 MB

So it really shouldn’t take too long before your load times are slashed thanks to the new GTA Online 1.54 update.

Rockstar pay $10,000 to modder

The modder who goes by the name of “tostercx” has actually had their work recognized by Rockstar to the point that they have paid them handsomely.

They updated their original post to say, “Just got awarded $10k through their H1 in-game bounty as an exception (usually only for security issues).”

It’s refreshing to see a company hold their hand up and also reward someone for helping to improve the game.

Image credits: Rockstar

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