MultiVersus codes for free Gleamium & items (May 2024)

Ezequiel Leis
Jake, Finn, and Reindog in MultiVersus

MultiVersus players can get many free items, including Gleamium and skins, using codes. Here are all the currently active MultiVersus promo codes and how to redeem them.

MultiVersus features a lot of different currencies for players to unlock characters, Perks, cosmetics, and other elements. You can get most of them by playing different game modes and completing Missions, but you can also take advantage of promo codes shared by the devs.

Here are all active MultiVersus codes and how to redeem them to get free Gleamium, cosmetics, and other items.

All working MultiVersus codes

There’s currently one active MultiVersus code in May 2024:

  • GM43D7Y7JHHKP8G3EJAO – Rare sticker

The devs launched MultiVersus alongside a bunch of freebies that already expired, so players can expect more free items to arrive over time. Make sure to come back to this article to check the latest available promo codes.

Shaggy skins in MultiVersus
Some unlockable skins are available through codes.

How to redeem MultiVersus promo codes

To redeem MultiVersus codes, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the official MultiVersus Code Redemption website.
  2. Click on “Sign In” and log into the WB Games account you use to play MultiVersus.
  3. You’ll need to link your account to your Steam, Epic, PlayStation, or Xbox account. If you already started playing on those platforms, it should be linked automatically.
  4. Enter the promo code and click “Claim.”

The next time you play MultiVersus, you’ll get all the rewards automatically in the game.

All MultiVersus expired codes

Here are all the MultiVersus expired promo codes:

  • QAM9GGK4TN3Q7TDQJHCF – Sticker/Gleamium
  • AEPRJSXNS6DCNJETEEQR – Banana Guard Matrix Code Skin
  • ELG88DBFCLHIND4H5FS9 – 50 Gleamium
  • CDRSDJFCM9373H8YCB47 – Sticker
  • TME63JCK4QPM4PGKNLLH – Sticker
  • I9JJLXGRBOC8ADGZLAPL – 50 Gleamium
  • HTKFB-F47A6-GTJEF-D5PBC – Gleamium
  • YRBDNTOLCIQDZMG8ODOX – Sticker/Gleamium
  • EQPH9ITLYHZ5DJABQAMO – 50 Gleamium
  • CEQHEYAYNKT49SJRROKM – Sticker/Gleamium
  • GM43D7Y7JHHKP8G3EJAO – Sticker/Gleamium
  • CQ8XKMXYGFYNTCNDMA4Q – 50 Gleamium

If you receive an error or an “Invalid code” message when trying to redeem a code, it’s probably because it expired.

We’ll make sure to keep these lists updated, so come back often for the latest MultiVersus promo codes.

In the meantime, you can check all the Season 1 Battle Pass rewards or everything you need to know about MultiVersus’ crossplay and cross-platform features.

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