Mario Kart Tour tier list: Best Kart setups ranked

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Best Karts in Mario Kart Tour

There’s an abundance of Karts in Mario Kart Tour and deciding which one to use is a challenge. If you’re yet to crack the code, check out this list of the best Kart setups in Mario Kart Tour.

The wildly popular Mario Kart game series debuted on mobile devices with Mario Kart Tour and for over three years, it has amassed a massive player base. From 192 playable characters to the action-packed multiplayer races, there’s a lot for the community to cherish.

Mario Kart Tour is different from the major games in the Mario Kart franchise in terms of courses and gameplay. However, the significance of choosing a good Kart setup is still the same. The PvP modes in Mario Kart Tour are infamous for being challenging, and it is wise to rely on the best vehicles.

Here’s a tier list of the best Kart setups in Mario Kart Tour which will help you earn Grand Stars and boost your Online Rank.

Mario racing in a Kart

Mario Kart Tour: Best Kart setup tier list

Below, we’ve placed all the Karts in Mario Kart Tour in different tiers ranging from S to D. The Karts in the S tier are the strongest while the ones in the D tier are the weakest:

TierKarts in Mario Kart Tour
SFlower Kart, Dragonfly Kart, Prop Kart, Cupid’s Arrow, Watermelon kart, Wild Slugger, Gold Cheep Charger, Silver King, Festival Girl, Choco Macharon, Macharon, Silver Bullet Blaster, Ribbon Rider, Cleanup Hitter, Star-Spangled Flyer, Offroader, Dark Hop Rod, Sushi Racer, Black Turbo Birdo, Gray Cat Cruiser, Cat Cruiser, Strawberry Soft Swerve, Cream Cat Cruiser, Ice-Cream Minibus Kart, Chocolate Banana Minibus, Rambi Runner, Wild Black, DK Maximum, Dark Trickster, 8-Bit Pipe Frame, Lime Tea Coupe, Green Circuit, Black Kabuki Dasher, Cheep Snorkel, Gold Egg, Head Honcho, Happy Ride, Clackety Kart, Rose Queen, Bright Bunny, Carrot Kart, Party-Wing, Fast Frank, Paintster, Penguin Slider, Jade Hop Rod, Pumpkin Kart, Bruiser, B Dasher Mk 2, Grand Badwagon, Warrior Wagon, Crimson Hop Rod, Inferno Flyer, Kamek’s Zoom Broom, Platinum Taxi, Gold Double-Decker, Pink Dozer
AWhite Fast Frank, Tuk-Tuk Kart, Combo Cruiser, Goo-Goo Buggy, Red Vampire Flyer, Black Carriage, Goo-Goo Black Kart, Frosty Bells, Blue Turbo Yoshi kart, Orange Turbo Yoshi kart, White Snow Skimmer, Camo Tanooki Kart, Frost Wing
Green Speeder kart, Red Taxi, Blue Badwagon, Flowery Badwagon kart, Brown Offroader, Gilded King, Gold Clanky Kart, Gold Standard kart, Wild Wing, Capsule Kart, Steel Driver, Sakura Quickshaw, Bumble V, Badwagon, Holiday King, Rose Taxi, Yellow Taxi, Jet Cruiser, Pinch Hitter, Orange Streamliner, Cact-Ice, Dark Buggy, Sneaker, Sunset Cloud, Decal Streamliner, Comet Tail, Crawly Kart, Ice Dozer, B Dasher, Gold Pipe Frame, Pink Wing, Queen Bee, Dreamy Egg, Ice-blue Poltergust, Dark Clown, Apple Kart, Poison Apple Kart, P-Wing, Jingle Bells, Black Dozer, Kabuki Dasher, Prancer, Dozer Dasher, Blue Soda, Iron Cucumber, White Turbo Yoshi, Black Turbo Yoshi, Wildfire Flyer
BAll-Clear Pipe, Firefly Kart, Tanooki Kart, Blue-Green Capsule Kart, Black Cat Cruiser, Green Cat Cruiser, Wild Pink, Gold Train, Snow Skimmer, Trickster, Sports Coupe, Double-Decker, Banana Master, Swift Jack, Purple Bunny, Surf Sailer, Goo-Goo Pink, Clanky Kart, Gilded Prancer, Blue Royale, Green Apple Kart, Karp Kart, Glam Bruiser, Gold Snow Skimmer, Circuit Special, DK Jumbo, Green Standard 8, Blue Turbo Yoshi, Gold Cheep Snorkel, Cheermellow, Red Standard 8, Quickshaw, White Royale, Red Offroader, Turbo Birdo
CGold Blooper, Gold Bullet Blaster, Radish Rider, Vampire Flyer Kart ,Cloud 9, Para-Wing, Tea Coupe, Egg 1, Sweet Daytripper, Soda Jet, Black Circuit, Black B Dasher, Ghost Ride, Koopa King, Yellow Turbo Birdo, Super Blooper, Piranha Pipes kart, Turbo Yoshi, Super 1, Black Penguin Slider, Pirate Sushi Racer, Chrome DK Jumbo, Zucchini, Cact-X, Koopa Clown, Red B Dasher, Red Streamliner, Mushmellow, Warship, Mach 8, Bolt Buggy, Cucumber
DSunny Surf Sailer, Daytripper, Cheep Charger, Landship, Green Cheep Charger, Dasher II, Royale, Red Turbo Yoshi, Birthday Girl Daisy, Barrel Train, Bull’s-Eye Banzai, Blue Biddybuggy, Birthday Girl Rosalina, Rambi Rider, Pipe Frame, Poltergust 4000, Pipe Buggy, Light-blue Turbo Birdo, Flame Flyer, Streamliner, Birthday Girl, Green Kiddie Kart, Blue Seven, Pink Mushmellow, Red Kiddie Kart, Koopa Dasher, Bullet Blaster, Biddybuggy

Best Karts in Mario Kart Tour

While the tier list above will give you a general view, these are the Karts that can be called the best among the best in Mario Kart Tour:

  • Carrot Kart – Brilliant Mini Turbo Boost time and you also get increased points.
  • Rose Queen – Brilliant Mini Turbo Boost time and increased points for performing them.
  • Gold Cheep Charger – Arguably the best Kart in Mario Kart Tour, thanks to the Mini Turbo plus skill.
  • Rambi Runner – The Mini Turbo plus skill is ideal for acceleration.
  • Black Kabuki Dasher – Has an aggressive design and supports the Mini Turbo Plus skill.
  • Festival Girl – Perfect for Mario Kart players who like using the Jump skill.
  • Lime Tea Coupe – Best Kart in terms of track coverage.

We hope this guide helps you pick a fun, fast, and cool-looking Kart in Mario Kart Tour. The game is fairly balanced so don’t be scared to test out the Karts mentioned in A or B tiers as well. However, we can’t guarantee good results with any of the Kart setups in the C and D tiers.

Mario Kart Animal Tour

That was everything you need to know about the best Kart setups in Mario Kart Tour. For similar guides and tier lists, check out the best Genshin Impact characters, best Genshin Impact artifacts, and AFK Arena Artifacts tier list.

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