Is Dead Island 2 crossplay? PlayStation, Xbox & PC cross-platform status

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Dead Island 2 is Deep Silver’s sequel to the fan-favorite co-op multiplayer zombie game from 2011, but does it feature cross-platform capabilities for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC?

Dead Island 2 finally arrives on April 21, and it’s easily one of 2023’s most anticipated releases, with fans waiting over ten years for the sequel.

The original was an absolute hit, not only for its unique zombie-slaying gameplay but also through the multiplayer aspect. Players could enjoy the game’s full story with friends, making it an extremely popular multiplayer title at the time.

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Dead Island 2 aims to bring that same, iconic, co-op zombie mayhem to players once again, but some have questions about the game’s multiplayer limitations, wanting to know whether they can play with friends on different platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

So, with that said, here’s whether or not Dead Island 2 will be cross-platform.

Will Dead Island 2 feature crossplay?

Unfortunately, Deep Silver have confirmed that Dead Island 2 will not feature cross-platform capabilities, meaning that at launch, you will not be able to play with those on different systems.

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This was answered by the devs over on Twitter in response to a user asking the question of crossplay, to which they replied: “No, Dead Island 2 does not support cross-play.”

However, you will be able to play Dead Island 2 with players on a different generation of the same platform. For example, Xbox One and Xbox Series X players can team up. The only caveat is that players on the base version of last-gen consoles can’t host a party, only those on current-gen or PS4 Pro and Xbox One X can.

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While PC players can both host and join sessions, the devs are “working on giving the option to host on all consoles in the future.”

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