How to make crudites & fish sandwiches in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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crudites in disney dreamlight valley

Cooking is a big part of Disney Dreamlight Valley and the ability to make crudites & fish sandwiches will play a big role in the Missing Minnie quest, so let’s get cooking.

The life sim aspects of Disney Dreamlight Valley are what players keep coming back for and its relatability is why the genre is such a popular one.

Developers Gameloft’s take on the Disney world sees gamers having to carry out all sorts of weird and wonderful tasks including going around and removing mushrooms.

There will come a point in your adventure where you’ll likely encounter the legendary figure of Mickey Mouse. One of his quests wants players to make crudites & fish sandwiches, and while that may seem bizarre, it’s for a very good reason.

How to make crudites recipe for Missing Minnie quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Minnie Mouse is missing, and by triggering the ‘Missing Minnie’ quest, you’ll eventually need to make crudites that require you to cook vegetables.

To complete this aspect of the quest, you’ll need to cook five portions of crudites for the picnic. To do this, simply cook a vegetable that isn’t lettuce and the cooking pot will produce a whole plate of crudites.

Simply repeat this process five times and you should satisfy the crudite requirements.

How to make fish sandwiches recipe for Missing Minnie quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

For the other aspect of the picnic banquet, you’ll need to concoct fish sandwiches, and this will require you to cook several ingredients this time.

To make fish sandwiches, throw a single serving of fish and a single serving of wheat into the trusty cooking pot, and lo and behold you should have yourself a portion of fish sandwiches.

Repeat this one more time and you’ll have the two portions the game is asking of you.

Obviously, crudites and fish sandwiches don’t just need to be saved for this one quest, you are free to make them whenever you like!

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