How to hide Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

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Hide Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom

While playing PvP modes, Cookie Run Kingdom players must have encountered opponents that are hiding their Cookies. If you want to do so as well, check out this guide on how to hide Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom has been a massive hit among mobile gamers and the wide variety of modes it offers is one of the biggest reasons behind it. You can play PvE battles in the Story, Dark, and Master modes while the Kingdom Arena is where multiplayer enthusiasts can test the potential of their strongest Cookies.

While attacking players, you must have noticed that some opponents hide their defending Cookies. This naturally leads to confusion and is one of the best ways to get an edge early on.

Here’s a guide to hiding Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom in order to boost your progress in the Kingdom Arena.

Cookie Run Kingdom official artwork

You must reach the Silver III tier in the Kingdom Arena of Cookie Run Kingdom to be able to hide Cookies. The PvP game mode has many ranks and tiers starting from Chocolate to Grandmaster.

The game places every player in the Chocolate II tier at the start of their PvP journey. You get XP by winning games and winning also adds to your Trophy count. The rank progression system is quite similar to other games such as Brawlhalla and Rocket League Sideswipe.

Here’s how you can reach Silver III in Cookie Run: Kingdom in order to hide Cookies:

Tier Trophies required
Chocolate II0
Chocolate 1200
Bronze II300
Bronze I400
Silver III500
Silver II600
Silver I700
Gold III800
Gold II900
Gold I1000
Crystal III1100
Crystal II1200
Crystal I1300
Diamond III1400
Diamond II1600
Diamond I1800
Master V2000
Master IVTop 80% of players
Master IIITop 50% of players
Master IITop 10% of players
Master ITop 1% of players
Grandmaster III3000 Trophies/ Top 0.5% players
Grandmaster IITop 200 players in the world
Grandmaster ITop 30 players in the world

Clearly, Silver III isn’t the most difficult tier to reach in Cookie Run Kingdom. Do note that Silver III is the first rank that allows you to hide Cookies and most likely, you won’t be able to hide more than one. To hide more Cookies, you’ll need to continue to rank up and the game will reward you automatically.

Hide Cookies option in Cookie Run Kingdom

Follow these steps to hide Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom:

  1. Launch Cookie Run Kingdom and tap on the Kingdom Arena icon on the home screen.
  2. Select Defense and a Hide Cookies option will appear on your screen if you’ve reached Silver III.
  3. Depending on your rank, the game will ask you to set and remove some Cookies. Remove the ones that you don’t want to reveal to your opponents.

Hiding your strongest Cookies is one of the most common strategies in Cookie Run Kingdom and to be fair, it usually works well. For more content, check out our tier lists of the best Treasures and the best Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom.

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