How to get Tower of Sweet Chaos Searing Keys in Cookie Run: Kingdom

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Cookies from Cookie Run Kingdom with Searing Keys and Chaos Cake Pieces

The Tower of Great Chaos in Cookie Run Kingdom is a great way for you to earn valuable resources like EXP Star Jellies and Chaos Cookies. Here’s how to get more Searing Keys so that you always have new Tower of Sweet Chaos challenges available.

There are several ways to progress in Cookie Run Kingdom but when all is said and done, it comes down to the level of your Cookies. To improve the level of your Cookies and boost other attributes such as HP, you’ll need EXP Star Jellies and Chaos Cake Pieces.

The Tower of Sweet Chaos that resets every season is the best way to get your favorite resources efficiently. It consists of Trays that can be unlocked with Searing Keys.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to get more Searing Keys to progress in the Tower of Sweet Chaos in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom

How to unlock Tower of Sweet Chaos in Cookie Run Kingdom

You need to complete stage 4-12 in the World Expansion of Cookie Run Kingdom to unlock the Tower of Sweet Chaos. It features a total of 150 Trays, 90 of which are unlocked at the beginning of every season. Two weeks later, 60 more Trays become available to players.

Trays in Cookie Run Kingdom’s Tower of Sweet Chaos explained

Trays in Cookie Run Kingdom are basically challenges that let players take part in unique boss battles, PvP battles, and more. The catch is that every battle puts some limitations in terms of Cookie and Treasure usage.

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To unlock a tray in Cookie Run Kingdom, you need Searing Keys. The amount of keys depends on the level of the Tray:

  • Trays 1-49 require a maximum of six Searing Keys for unlocking.
  • Trays 50-99 require a maximum of eight Searing Keys for unlocking.
  • A maximum of ten Searing Keys are essentially to unlock Trays 100-150.

Do note that not every Tray can be unlocked with Searing Keys. At times, you’ll have to open a Treasure Chest to move ahead. Focus on opening the expensive Chests during the early Trays but as you move up, it is better to save your resources and open the cheaper chests as the reward difference won’t be significant.

Cookie Run Kingdom promo featuring many Cookies

How to get more Searing Keys in Cookie Run Kingdom

The only way to get more Searing Keys in Cookie Run Kingdom is by upgrading the Sugar Gnome Laboratory which unlocks at Cookie Castle level 7.

By default, a player can own a maximum of 72 Searing Keys in the game at a single time. They cannot be earned by spending money or completing in-game tasks and generate naturally at a rate of 1 key/60 minutes. The Gnome Laboratory allows you to increase the maximum amount of Searing Keys you can have and the rate at which they regenerate.

How to upgrade Sugar Gnome Laboratory in Cookie Run Kingdom

Follow these steps to get the most amount of Searing Keys in Cookie Run Kingdom:

  1. Launch Cookie Run Kingdom and go to the Sugar Gnome Laboratory.
  2. From the two options at the bottom of the screen, choose Cookies Upgrades.
  3. Search for Searing Keys and select them.
  4. Spend the resources to increase the level.

With maximum upgrades, you’ll be able to hold a maximum of 87 Searing Keys in Cookie Run Kingdom that regenerate at a rate of 1 key/51 minutes.

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You’ll need these resources to upgrade your Searing Keys:

  • 20x Candy Saw
  • 18x Diggy Shovel
  • 8x Enchanted Stake
  • 600,000 Coins.

You should be able to collect Coins and other items by completing more and more in-game challenges.

All in all, with this guide, you should be able to access more Tower of Sweet Chaos Trays than ever. Thereafter, you can earn Star Jellies to level up your Cookies or Chaos Cake pieces to buy decorations and landmarks.

Sonic in Cookie Run Kingdom

Quick Tip: Buy the Ominous Cake Tower for 1200 Chaos Cake pieces. Level it up whenever possible to increase the HP stat of your Cookies.

This was everything to know about the Tower of Sweet Chaos and Searing Keys in Cookie Run Kingdom. For more content on mobile games, make sure to check out our coverage of Pokemon Go, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, and Genshin Impact.

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