How to drift cars in GTA Online

Nicholas Barth
how to drift in gta online

Drifting can be a very exciting and effective way to make your way around Los Santos when playing GTA Online, so here is how you can drift your cars in GTA Online to score some style points.

The world of GTA Online has plenty of exciting things players can do, especially with the various cars that are available for the community to jump into and travel around using.

One of the most entertaining things players can do in their cars when playing GTA Online is to drift around turns for some smooth-looking driving displays.

With this in mind, we have gathered together everything you need to know to drift in GTA Online.

How to drift cars in GTA Online

How to drift cars in GTA Online

Now, going fast and using your momentum is an essential thing when it comes to how to drift in GTA Online. However, you also need to know how to control your car when doing this, or you will end up spinning out and crashing.

Once you are going towards a turn at a decent speed, release the acceleration button but do not press the brake, as this will stop all of the momentum you just built up before the turn.

You will then need to turn into the corner in the correct direction. Press the handbrake once you have initiated the turn and keep the handbrake pressed throughout your drifting.

You will then need to press the button or key to make your car go the opposite direction of your turn to stop yourself from spinning out of control, so right if your drifting to the left and vice versa.

Finally, straighten your car out once you have finished the turn, and your drifting will be completed successfully.

Players have found that the new cars added in the Los Santos Tuners update have come with a low tire grip upgrade that can be attached, which helps make drifting much easier.

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You can also check out the best drift cars in GTA Online to see which vehicles in the popular game can help you become the best possible drifter and allow you to drive around Los Santos in an impressive fashion.

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