GTA Online Summer Update: Date, details, new cars, Stunt Races

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gta online summer update

The online portion of Grand Theft Auto 5 is set for a massive Summer Update with Rockstar confirming that we will see “fan-requested additions” being added to the game, along with new cars, races, and more.

Give credit where credit is due as despite GTA 5 being nearly eight-years-old, the game continues to be downloaded and welcome new fans. Not only that, but Rockstar is making sure to appease their fans by keeping GTA Online fresh and full with weekly updates.

It wasn’t too long ago that the game received its biggest update in a long time with the Cayo Perico Heist expansion – adding a new Island to the game. Now, Rockstar is seeking to enhance the online experience even more with a wealth of content in the coming months.

GTA Online Summer update release date

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Thanks to a blog post from Rockstar on May 18, 2021, we know that the incoming slew of content will begin during the month of May with no exact time or date scheduled for the majority of the content.

Currently, the only confirmed date for new GTA Online content is May 27, as “eight new Stunt Races are right around the corner, coming to the GTA Online Stunt Series.”

Everything else we can expect to drop at some point during the Summer months.

GTA Online Summer update new content

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New GTA Online cars

A new feature will debut that will allow players to show off their rides and debate potential customization options, without the constant hassle of having them be blown up.

As well as a new underground meet area, GTA Online can expect “high stakes and high action as crews hit the streets to get hold of the latest vehicles on the hot list, challenge each other in new race types, or take part in a series of multi-part robbery missions, where a precisely modified getaway vehicle will be your best weapon.”

New GTA Online Stunt Races

gta online stunt races

The stunt community is about to be fed a huge helping of goodness with the aforementioned new Stunt Races.

What these races will be remains to be seen, but knowing Rockstar, they’re sure to take GTA Online players to new heights – literally.

New modes

As well as new cars and races, fans of the game’s Deadline and Survival modes will be pleased to hear that Deadline is getting new arenas, and Survival will “expand to new locations throughout Los Santos and Blaine County.”

GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced content

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As well as the big reveal that the Grand theft Auto V: Expanded and Enhanced rerelease will be out on November 11, 2021, Rockstar has also discussed some extra content to tie in with it.

“As an added bonus — this summer’s updates to GTA Online will include special benefits for players to take advantage of in these expanded and enhanced versions when they drop.”

GTA 3 20th Anniversary content for GTA Online

And finally, the now legendary GTA III will be celebrating its historic 20th Anniversary this year, and to celebrate, there will be some special content for GTA Online players to acquire in the coming weeks. With rumors still abound about a potential trilogy remaster, this could maybe link to that.

As always, as even more details become official regarding the GTA Online Summer Update, we’ll update this page.

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