EA Sports WRC soundtrack: All songs & can you play music during races?

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EA Sports WRC has a decent amount of licensed songs to accompany you in the game, so here’s a list of the entire soundtrack as well as whether you can play them during races. 

Whether it is an arcade or a sim racing game like EA Sports WRC, for many players, music eases the credit or level-up grind. Besides, you will be in for a long ride given the length of some of the tracks in EA Sports WRC, so it’ll be neat to have music alongside.

From Jungle to Hot Chip and Four Tet, here is the list of artists and their songs featured in EA Sports WRC, including the details on whether you can play them during races.

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EA Sports WRC soundtrack includes songs from top electronic artists as well as rising stars.

All songs in EA Sports WRC

Here’s the list of all the songs in EA Sports WRC.

DJ Pone ft. BlaséAll I Want
Dora JarBump
Duke BoaraBehind the Cloud
Elderbrook, TouristHowl
Ella VosMindreader
Floating PointsRatio
Flume ft. OklouHighest Building (Prospa Remix)
Four TetTeenage Birdsong
Hot ChipBroken (Each Other Remix)
Jessica WinterChoreograph
JungleGOOD TIMES (Elephant Talk Remix)
M83Oceans Niagara
Meg WardConnections
niminoOpening Credits
Nosaj Thing ft. Julianna BarwickBlue Hour
SAFIAFalling Down
San Holo ft. Lizzy LandDON’T LOOK DOWN
ShallouSave Some Room
SpadaSun Goes Down
Suray SertinPeople
Tinlicker & PanamaFade Into Black
William Orbit ft. GeorgiaBank of Wildflowers
William Orbit ft. GeorgiaBank of Wildflowers
WilloRUSH (Blush)

Can you play songs during races in EA Sports WRC?

There is no in-game radio in EA Sports WRC, so you can’t choose to play a particular song during races. You can, however, individually choose to not play certain songs in the music settings.

There is also a streamer mode in the settings that will disable all copyright-protected songs. If you want to play songs of your choice during races, there is always an option to tune into third-party audio streaming services like Spotify. Yes, the entire EA Sports WRC playlist is available on Spotify.

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