Disgaea RPG codes for free rewards in May 2023

Aakrit Sharma
Official art work for Disgaea RPG

Disgaea RPG leaves no opportunity to give its players a stress-free gaming experience and redeemable codes are one of the many features that help with this. Here’s a list of Disgaea RPG codes for you to get exciting freebies in May 2023.

Disgaea has been a wildly popular tactical RPG series for decades. Disgaea RPG, a spin-off multiplayer mobile game, was released in 2019 for Android and iOS devices and it was an instant success thanks to the inclusion of all the main characters from the series.

Despite the technical upsets and competition from other RPGs like Blue Archive, Tales of Grimm, and Chrono Legacy, Disgaea RPG has maintained a massive player base and the developers certainly know how to reward the players.

There are many redeemable codes that one can redeem for free in-game resources such as Quarts, Potions, Crate Keys, and more. On that note, here’s a list of Disgaea RPG codes working in May 2023.

Disgaea RPG characters staring at each otherDisgaea RPG codes can be redeemed through in-game settings easily.

All working Disgaea RPG codes in May 2023

The following Disgaea RPG codes can hand out freebies to you in May 2023:

  • SakiE – Free rewards
  • Kcdood00 – Free rewards
  • heydood00 – Free rewards
  • zackodood11 – Free rewards
  • PocketGamerxDRPG – Free rewards
  • DisgaeaxKoori – Free rewards
  • disgaeaxor2022 – Free rewards
  • disgaeaxhay07 – Free rewards
  • disgaeaxtips2022 – Free rewards
  • disgaeaxrcg07 – Free rewards

All expired Disgaea RPG codes in May 2023

As of May 2023, these Disgaea RPG codes have expired:

  • iGVGSDjSnh 
  • cADXzXTf3u
  • DrpgxOreimova 
  • princexdrpg 
  • DukxxDRPG 
  • DRPGxakatsuki
  • MystxDRPG
  • NagatoxDRPG
  • DerkerxDRPG
  • DRPGxKabukiXL
  • DRPGxDfree
  • overlordxhayzink
  • Speedyxdrpg
  • DrpgxOreimova
  • princexdrpg
  • DukxxDRPG
  • DRPGxakatsuki
  • NdukaubaxDRPG
  • DerkerxDRPG
  • MystxDRPG
  • 57VGZ9TZCS
  • HayzinkxDRPG
  • NagatoxDRPG
  • 2WMfn6iire
  • uXjaSQSNnj
  • TjCpumgycz
Disgaea RPG artworkCharacter-building is a key component for progress in Disgaea RPG.

How to redeem Disgaea RPG codes

Follow these simple steps to redeem Disgaea RPG codes and get freebies:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Tap on the menu button located in the top-right corner of the screen. The penguin icon should help in identification.
  3. Tap on Other with an icon in which a Penguin says Dood.
  4. Go to Serial Code. A code redemption menu will appear.
  5. Enter the desired code and hit Confirm.
  6. If the code is correct and valid, you should get the corresponding rewards.

To avoid capitalization errors and typos, we recommend copy-pasting the codes directly from the list above.

Well, this was everything to know about Disgaea RPG codes and how to redeem them for free rewards. For more freebies, make sure to check out our code lists for major mobile games like Cookie Run Kingdom, Genshin Impact, Figure Fantasy, Mythic Heroes, and PUBG Mobile.

Image Credits: Boltrend Games