Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list: Best Cookies ranked

Cooking Run Kingdom tier list

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a massively popular kingdom-building game that also expects players to win cookie battles. Choosing the best cookie team can be confusing for beginners as well as veterans, so here’s a tier list with the best cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

The combat system in Cookie Run: Kingdom is based on different types of cookies and their abilities. While some like Dark Choco and Red Velvet are known for their aggression, others like Frost Queen and Licorice are renowned for their versatility.

Making a balanced team is pivotal in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and here’s a tier list of all the cookies available in the game.

Cookie Run: Kingdom promo art with Sonic and Tails cookies

The table below will allot every cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom a tier with S+ being the highest and D being the lowest.

Tier Cookie Run: Kingdom characters
S+Pure Vanilla cookie, Cotton cookie, Hollyberry Cookie, Eclair Cookie, Dark Cacao cookie, Clotted Cream cookie, Frost Queen cookie, Wildberry Cookie
SSea Fairy Cookie, Oyster cookie, Strawberry Crepe cookie, Caramel Arrow cookie, Crunchy Chip cookie, Pumpkin Pie cookie, Parfait Cookie, Cream Unicorn cookie
ACherry Blossom cookie, Sorbet Shark cookie, Licorice cookie, Black Raisin cookie, Vampire cookie, Affogato cookie, Pomengrenate cookie, Financier cookie, Tiger Lily cookie, Raspberry cookie, Moon Rabbit cookie, Cocoa cookie, Latte cookie, Rye cookie, Cream Puff cookie, Squid Ink cookie, Mango cookie, Herb cookie, Espresso cookie, Red Velvet cookie, Mint Choco cookie, Blackberry cookie, Gingerbrave cookie, Dark Choco cookie
BPoison Mushroom cookie, Pastry cookie, Tea Knight cookie, Twizzly Gummy cookie, Almond cookie, Milk cookie, Snow Sugar cookie, Mala Sauce cookie, Madeline cookie, Lilac cookie, Knight cookie, Cherry cookie, Wizard cookie, Ninja cookie, Devil Cookie, Clover cookie, Gumball cookie, Kumiho cookie, Beet cookie
CAdventurer cookie, Carrot cookie, Sparkling cookie, Werewolf cookie, Sonic cookie, Tails cookie, Avocado cookie, Custard cookie, Chilli Pepper cookie, Purple Yam cookie, Fig cookie, Pancake cookie, Onion cookie, Muscle cookie,
DPrincess cookie, Alchemist cookie, Strawberry cookie, Angel cookie

The aforementioned cookies belong to a wide range of categories like Healers, Ambush, Defense, Magic, and Bomber, among others.

With constant updates, the cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom receive several nerfs and buffs. As a result, an S-tier character in August 2022 could very well become B or C tier in the upcoming months.

If any cookie receives some significant nerfs or buffs, we’ll make sure to update this article.

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Image Credits: Devsisters

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