Apex Legends leak reveals possible Crypto Heirloom and Bow Weapon

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends Crypto

The latest news from trustworthy dataminers reveals that the next Heirloom is “likely” to be a sword-like weapon for Crypto, along with new information on the previously leaked bow weapon.

Apex Legends developers, Respawn Entertainment, have seen a massive surge in their player base within Season 8. After releasing on Steam in November 2020 and Nintendo Switch in March 2021, Apex is at an all-time high leaving even more players hungry for leaks and information surrounding future content.

Heirlooms were once rare in Apex, as Wraith was the only Legend to possess one back when the game was first released. Now, in season 8, nine Legends have Heirlooms and the quest to find who’s Heirloom is next is very much still a topic of intrigue.

Apex Legends Current Heirlooms

Crypto Heirloom

Although Apex news has been slow as of recent, new leaks broke out yesterday suggesting a possible plan for Crypto’s Heirloom to enter the game next.

Dataminers @Biast12 and @Someonewholeaks are trustworthy sources who have been responsible for leaks that have come to fruition such as Bangalore’s heirloom. However, this is of course all speculation according to datamined code in the game’s files, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Although many believe it could still be Wattson, as chronologically it would make sense for her to receive an Heirloom next, new information suggests there is more credibility behind a Crypto Heirloom.

Biast revealed that code in the game’s files presented Crypto’s Heirloom as a ‘katana’-esc weapon, which is ultimately more information than what is currently known about Wattson’s.

Although there is no render or leaked image of this Heirloom, Biast did post an image of this traditional Korean weapon called a “Jikdo”, which is a good reference for what we could be seeing when it is finally released.


Although there is no confirmed time frame for when this Heirloom will be available, it is likely that it will be added in the next collection event, after both the War Games takeover and recently delayed Chinatown Market sale.

New Bow Weapon

As well as this Heirloom leak, we also received further information surrounding the new compound bow weapon that was leaked a while back.

Dataminer @HumanSAS_ recently shared more information on the new bow weapon on Twitter and YouTube, revealing that it will belong to the marksman class, taking the same ammo as snipers.

This gives us a rough idea as to the type of damage output and role this weapon will be utilising, taking on a more sniper-oriented play-style.

The bow supposedly has two modes, perhaps a single and burst mode much like other weapons in the game. However, this is again speculation and the two modes feature with the bow could be completely exclusive to this particular weapon.

It is not clear as to when we will be seeing this new weapon or even Crypto’s Heirloom. However, as Season 8 will be ending within a month, it is likely this new content will be arriving in the next couple seasons.

Perhaps we will see the bow in a LTM next season, as players know Respawn like to test new content in these limited time modes before they release as a sort of public play-test.

Image Credits: Apex Legends