Forza Motorsport players slam “terrible” AI compared to Horizon

Aryan Singh
Nissan GTR in Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport’s release was met with largely positive impressions from critics, but opinions among players have been mixed, to say the least. Among other complaints, many fans feel that the game’s AI leaves more to be desired when compared to Forza Horizon 5.

Forza Motorsport went live on October 10 bringing a slew of new features to Turn 10’s sim racing series. The game features a brand-new car progression system along with a newly minted Career Mode experience. Other neat additions such as Segment Scores help flesh out gameplay, and with more content coming in the near future, there’s plenty to look forward to.

Despite receiving praise from critics, Forza Motorsport’s launch was far from perfect. The game had a difficult time appeasing fans as it drew criticism for multiple reasons. Players blasted the sim racer for its outdated car models, grind-inducing leveling system, and blurry liveries among other things. Many also felt that the game was lacking in content when compared to FM7, which had 32 tracks compared to Forza Motorsport’s 20.

Another major criticism fans have levied at the game has to do with its opponent AI. The AI has been deemed lackluster by many players, and a Reddit post by user ‘carlos2592’ highlighted one of the reasons why.

The post featured a clip that drew a side-by-side comparison between Forza Horizon 5 and Forza Motorsport’s AI. In it, the user parked his car in the middle of the AI’s “optimal route” and waited to see its reaction. Across all the instances in the clip, Horizon’s AI managed to maneuver around the player while the AI in Motorsport rammed straight into the car.

The post quickly gained traction and attracted similar opinions from fans. One user said, “That’s the one thing bad I have to say about this game, the AI is so terrible. They ram you when you are alongside, don’t put up and fight at all, and will brake randomly on the straights. We need Forza Horizon AI.”

Another stated, “The AI in this game is so bad. Constant rear-ending, constantly ignoring you and the racing line, constant collisions.”

It appeared that much of the disappointment within the community had to do with the devs’ claims of “advanced AI opponents.” It remains to be seen if the AI will see improvements through future updates.

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