SypherPK explains how he would change Fortnite Traps in Season 6

Hamza Khalid

SypherPK is so knowledgeable on the subject of Fortnite Traps that it earned him the title of ‘Trap King’ in the battle royale. In a recent video, he made it clear that he hopes to see them return in Season 6 with some changes.

Fortnite players were once able to use Traps to dish out high amounts of damage to any unsuspecting opponent. They were a fun tool that encouraged creativity among fans in how they approached a match, but were eventually nerfed and later removed.

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Epic Games vaulted Traps back in February 2020. Players were using them too often in a panic, and this would deal so much damage that the match felt unbalanced. This came as a blow to Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan, who was formerly known as the ‘Trap King.’

That said, he made it clear that he understands why Epic Games made this decision, and he hopes to see traps back in the future with a few alterations.

SypherPK's trap tower

SypherPK’s proposed changes to traps

SypherPK is an expert on Fortnite Traps, as he was the first to create the ‘trap tower.’ The YouTuber talked about the recent vaulting of this feature in his video “Are Traps Gone Forever?” He elaborated on his hopes for the future of this mechanic in the battle royale.

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“I loved using [Traps], especially because when a player wants to rush into your box without thinking, you can throw [one] down, and they’ll run into it,” he said. “You’ll get a really easy quick elimination.”

“But it started becoming a problem,” he added. “People would panic and throw a bunch of Traps down, and [they] did a lot of damage. Before they got vaulted, they were doing 150 damage.”

“Another problem [was], let’s say you got somebody weak, and they immediately threw down a Trap before they died,” he said. “Even though you got the kill, you end up walking into their Trap and dying or being severely hurt, and you feel kind of cheated.”

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“So even though it was my all-time favorite weapon… a lot of times, it was just a spam fest,” he said. “Especially once they implemented auto trap placement, which made it very cheesy. Overall it was way too powerful and caused a lot of frustration.”

“I really do hope they eventually come back.  I do miss trapping people. It was one of my favorite things to do in Fortnite. [However], if [they] were to return, [players should need to] place the wall then place the Trap. Also, if [they] end up dying, [the] Trap should be disabled.”

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SypherPK’s idea to nerf traps so that they can’t be spammed in a match are valid suggestions. He’s an expert on the subject of Fortnite traps so if Epic Games ever decide to bring them back, this is worth their consideration.

Image Credits: SypherPK/ Epic Games

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