New teasers hint at Superman skin coming to Fortnite Season 7

Hamza Khalid
Superman comes to Fortnite in Season 7

Epic Games are revealing new teasers ahead of Season 7’s release, and one of them has seemingly dropped a hint that we might see the arrival of a Fortnite Superman skin in the new update.

Fortnite Season 7 is almost here, and Epic Games have released some neat teasers before its arrival. These point towards an incoming alien invasion, and UFOs have been abducting players around the Island.

Now, a new teaser is hinting at another exciting crossover. Season 6 introduced various Batman skins, and it seems that Season 7 will be bringing in another DC crossover by adding Superman to the game.

Fortnite Superman Skin

Epic Games have a ton of changes planned for Season 7. There has been mass speculation about what new content we’ll see added to the game, including the addition of wild animals like Kangaroos and Octopuses

On June 6, the developers uploaded another teaser video showing a few neat-looking items. It featured a guitar, a weapon, and pair of glasses in the center. That last item caught everyone’s attention since it looked similar to Clark Kent’s disguise.

The biggest hint is in the caption, which reads, “When placed onto the face, this strange plastic device seemed to make us appear as unrecognizable.” This sounds suspiciously similar to how Superman hides his secret identity.

Throwing in a Fortnite Superman skin would fit the new season perfectly since the theme is aliens, and Superman comes from a long-dead extraterrestrial planet. Plus, he would make a great addition to the in-game DC characters roster.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that this is all purely speculation at this point regarding a Fortnite Superman skin. These glasses might serve a completely different purpose, and we won’t know for sure until Epic Games make an official announcement.

That said, it’s still exciting to think about playing as Superman with all of his powers. Hopefully, this will be a fun new addition to the battle royale. Stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for more Fortnite news!

Image credits: Epic Games/ DC

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