How to unlock the Superman skin in Fortnite Season 7

Unlock Fortnite Superman Skin

Epic Games have brought in another DC crossover to Fortnite, this time in the form of the man of steel. Here’s how you can unlock the Fortnite Superman and Clark Kent skins in Season 7.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 is finally here, and there’s a ton of new content to enjoy, including various map changesan alien invasion, and a new Battle Pass to progress through. We also have some new characters.

Epic Games released teasers that hinted at Superman’s arrival in the battle royale, and now the man of steel has been added as part of another DC crossover, much like the previous one with Batman skins.

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How to get Fortnite Superman skin set

Fortnite Superman skin set

The good news is that the Fortnite Superman skin is fairly easy to unlock due to the return of the Battle Star system in Fortnite Season 7. Once you’ve earned enough stars, you can purchase his set.

The Superman skin arrived in Fortnite on August 10, and the cosmetic set contains 11 different pieces, with Clark Kent being the base skin. The Superman costume has a normal and shadow variant.

The latter is black and is similar to the character’s recovery suit from the comic books. There’s also a Back Bling, pickaxe, and cape glider in the set.

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Superman’s “Shadow” variant skin in Fortnite

In order to unlock the Superman skin, you must complete a total of five quests from Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy.

You can find these NPCs at different locations on the map.

You can also unlock a ton of cosmetics by completing various Epic Quests. Gliding through rings as Clark Kent will net you the Daily Planet Back Bling, and using a phone while wearing the skin will grant you the Secret Identity emote.

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Adding Superman to the Fortnite roster makes sense, as it would be weird to leave him out after Batman and The Flash previously joined the fray. You can also check out how to unlock Marvel’s Gamora skin.

Image credits: Epic Games