How to find and defeat Glyph Master Raz in Fortnite Season 6

Hamza Khalid
Glyph Master Raz Fortnite

Fortnite’s v16.30 update brought some new Spire Challenges for you to complete, and one of these requires you to defeat Glyph Master Raz before collecting a Spire Artifact.

Fortnite Season 6 brought plenty of fun new additions for fans to enjoy, including tamable wild animals, a weapon crafting system, and new quests to complete in the Battle Pass like the Spire Challenges.

The new v16.30 update released the final part of the Spire Challenges, with the last one tasking you with finding the location of Glyph Master Raz and defeating him in battle. Here’s how you can get this done.

Glyph Master Raz Spire Challenge in Fortnite

Fortnite Glyph Master Raz Location

First thing’s first, you’ll need to have completed the previous Fortnite Spire Challenges before you can go after Glymph Master Raz. These will require you to gather information on Raz from Tarana, Lara, Raven, Cluck, or Cobb.

After you complete five Uncommon or Rarer Quests, you’ll be ready to go after him. Just make sure you stock up on healing items and ammo beforehand since this will be a difficult fight.

The location of Glyph Master Raz can be found at the Spire in the middle of the Fortnite Island, and we’ve marked his location on the map below:

Fortnite Glymph Master Raz Location

How to defeat Raz

As we mentioned before, this will be a tough battle. This enemy can teleport himself across some distance before shooting at you. For this reason, we recommend hiding after you land some hits at him and then wait.

You’ll get your opportunity to strike him again once he stops shooting. Just keep repeating this process of fighting and hiding until he’s taken down. This may take some time, but you’ll eventually get it done.

After he’s been defeated, he’ll drop the Spire Artifact that you can collect to complete this challenge. This will be followed by a notification that reads, “Anyone who knows what to look for will see how powerful the Spire is. This isn’t the end…”

Return to the lobby, and you’ll get to collect the newly-unlocked Glymph Master Skin Style for Raz. You can now equip this the next time you hop into the battle royale!

Image Credits: Epic Games