How to deliver a Semi Truck to Stark Industries for Fortnite XP Xtravaganza challenge

Liam Mackay

Epic Games have given Fortnite players one more week of Xtravaganza challenges to help earn the Season 4 rewards.

There isn’t a lot of time left to complete Fortnite Chapter 2’s fourth season, when it ends on December 1. By finishing the Battle Pass and reaching the max rank of 220, players will unlock all of the foil variants for the Season 4 skins.

To give players the XP they need to finish Season 4, Epic Games added four weeks of Xtravaganza challenges.

One of the tougher tasks is to ‘deliver a Semi Truck from outside Upstate New York to Stark Industries.’ Finding a truck nearby and driving it all the way to the destination can be dangerous with other players around.

Stark Industries also lies on Upstate New York, which is a raised circular landmass, so driving the truck up can be tricky.

YouTube Channel Monkey Rainbow has given the three simplest ways to deliver a semi Truck to Stark Industries.

Delivering the truck

First, you can find a truck on the bridge right between coordinates F4 and G4. This bridge is to the South-East of Upstate New York – just to the East of Stark Industries.

A rift spawns behind the truck, so drive it around so it’s facing towards Upstate New York and drive it into the rift. It will land upon the landmass, where you can follow the road all the way to Stark Industries.

The second truck can be found in E4 on the road directly to the North-East of The Ruins. Hop in and follow the road towards Upstate New York. Once the road ends and you hit the cliff, take a left and follow the edge of the cliff until you meet the river. From here, drive to the bank of the river so you can drive up onto Upstate New York and towards Stark Industries.

Lastly, a truck can be found on the bridge below the T-Junction in E2. As this is already on the Upstate NY landmass, this is incredibly easy to pull off. Just swing it around and follow the road all the way to Stark Industries.

Hopefully the XP from completing the Xtravaganza Challenges will allow you to unlock everything you want in Fortnite Season 4!

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