How to collect meat & peppers for Fortnite Week 7 challenges

Hamza Khalid
Where to find meat and peppers in Fortnite

There are brand-new challenges for you to complete in Week 7 of Fortnite Season 6, and one of these has you collect meat and peppers across the Island. Here’s how you can get this done quickly.

Fortnite’s weekly challenges offer you the opportunity to earn some bonus XP as you progress through the Season 6 Battle Pass. Following the 16.30 Update, we’re now in Week 7, and there are brand-new Epic Quests for you to tackle.

One of these challenges requires you to collect meat and peppers. Luckily, these are both fairly easy to find on the map, and we’ll make things much easier by pointing out where exactly you need to go.

Boars in Fortnite

Where to find meat in Fortnite

Season 6 brought tamable wild animals to Fortnite, and you can obtain meat can by hunting them down. The good news is that you can find Chickens, Wolves, Boars, and Raptors everywhere across the Island, so you’ll come across some during a match.

If you want to complete this challenge quicker, then we recommend making your way to the field that’s on the south side of Colossal Crops. Here, you’ll find three Boars that spawn in each match. Eliminate them to collect pieces of meat.

To make things a bit easier, we’ve marked this location on the map below.

Where to find meat in Fortnite

Where to find peppers in Fortnite

While you can obtain meat from any of the various animals that spawn all over the map, peppers can only be found in a few locations containing the small produce boxes that you can loot.

You can search through gas stations, or visit restaurants like Durr Burger and Pizza Pit to search through their kitchens. If that doesn’t pan out then you can try your luck with the farmers market at the Orchard.

Just collect five peppers in order to complete this part of the challenge. If you don’t find them all in one area, then you can rotate to one of the other locations that we’ve mentioned above.

You can also complete multiple Epic Quests in one go when tackling the Week 7 challenges. One of these has you hunt down two Raptors, and eliminating them will leave behind meat for you to pick up.

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