Fortnite player suggests “genius” change to building mechanic

Hamza Khalid
Building Walls in Fortnite

Various Fortnite players asking for the developers to make simple changes to the battle royale’s building mechanic, so that that the structures are much easier to see. Now, one player has come up with a fix for this.

There are a ton of cool mechanics in Fortnite, such as weapons crafting, taming wild animals, and modding vehicles. However, the most prominent one is the building mechanic that lets you set cover wherever you want.

This can be useful for setting up stairs, shelter, and whatever else you need to achieve victory in a match. Despite this, it can be a bit tricky to tell your structures apart from the enemy’s in close-range combat.

Now, one player has come up with a simple fix for this issue.

Wall building in Fortnite

Reddit user SirDuckDee came up with an elegant solution that would bring about more visual clarity in a match. When a wall is selected, it would “flash a colored tint to show which player has placed the building piece.” 

This would then replace the white flash of a build being placed, making it easier to tell whether the building belongs to your team or to enemy players. So, you won’t find yourself confused during close-range encounters.

Many other players in the FortniteBR subreddit agreed that this would be a great change, that would prove beneficial in the long run.

The issue of confusing structures has been plaguing Fortnite players for a long while now, and many users welcome this change. “That would be great,” wrote one user. “They also need to get rid of some visual clutter.”

At the time of writing, it’s uncertain whether or not Epic Games will take notice of this suggestion or implement some changes to the mechanic. At the moment, you’ll have to rely on the “edit” button.

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Image credits: Epic Games