Fortnite leak reveals huge earthquake could destroy Tilted Towers again

Hamza Khalid
Jonesy in front of Tilted Towers in Fortnite

Some new Fortnite leaks have emerged, claiming that the fan-favorite Tilted Towers POI could soon be destroyed again by major earthquakes around the map.

The Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 map features plenty of fun locations for players to visit, and one fan-favorite area is the Tilted Towers POI which returned in the first update of the new season.

This area is located in the middle of the map, and some new leaks are claiming that the Tilted Towers POI could soon be destroyed again by a huge earthquake that is reportedly set to hit the island.

Fortnite Tilted Towers POI

Fortnite has featured earthquakes in the past, with one changing the map by causing cracks on the island and destroying some of the most popular POIs during a live event back in Chapter 1, Season 7.

The earthquakes in Chapter 3, Season 1 occur randomly around the Covert Canyon POI, and Reddit user ‘Koooooomar’ claims to have tracked their path across the island in a new image that they shared.

According to this leak, the earthquake’s path will cause cracks around Tilted Towers, leading to players speculating that the fan-favorite POI might go through some major changes or get destroyed altogether.

This wouldn’t be too surprising as the POI has been destroyed multiple times in previous seasons by earthquakes, meteors, volcanos, and other events that changed the map in a major way.

A few players aren’t convinced that the POI will be destroyed since Epic Games only recently returned it to the game, and one user wrote: “People thought we would lose Tilted Towers even though we just got it back.”

It’s important to keep in mind that this is simply a leak, so it’s worth taking this information with a grain of salt until Epic Games drop an official hint about the destruction of Tilted Towers through either an announcement or in-game events.

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Image Credit: Epic Games

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