Fortnite leak claims Spider-Man’s Web Shooters will return as Miles Morales rumors swirl

Hamza Khalid
Miles Morales in front of Fortnite Daily Bugle

A new Fortnite leaks is claiming that Spider-Man’s Mythic Webshooters will make their return in the battle royale title, as well rumors circulating about the arrival of Miles Morales.

The 20.20 update brought a few changes to Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, with the most notable one being the addition of the Marvel supervillain Prowler as a brand-new unlockable cosmetic skin.

Marvel fans know the Prowler as the uncle of Miles Morales, one of the most popular Spider-Men. Now, there are rumors that the young web-slinger may be added to Fortnite along with the return of the Mythic Webshooters.

the prowler and cosmetics in fortnite

Notable Fortnite leaker ‘Shiina’ shared an image of Miles Morales and pointed out that one of Prowler Quests that were added in the 20.20 update contains a direct nod to the fan-favorite hero.

This nod is in the form of a quote from the film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, where the Prowler says to his nephew: “You’re on your way. Just keep going.” Shiina claims that this could be a hint for an upcoming Miles Morales skin.

This wouldn’t be too surprising as Epic Games previously added the original Spider-Man Peter Parker as a cosmetic skin during Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1. So, it’s possible that they might be gearing up to introduce another web-slinger to the battle royale.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 also added Spider-Man’s Mythic Webshooters as a way for players to swing around the map, but they were vaulted after Chapter 3, Season 2 finally launched.

Prominent Fortnite data miner ‘HYPEX’ claims that Epic Games are currently reworking the camera movement on the Mythic items and plan to bring them back to the battle royale at some point.

This has led to fans wondering if their return might be connected to the rumors about Miles Morales joining the game. Epic Games might unvault the Webshooters around the same time that the Miles skin becomes available.

While this may be exciting to fans of the popular Marvel superhero, it’s worth keeping in mind that these are just rumors and leaks, so take them with a grain of salt until Epic Games officially confirm this information.

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Image Credits: Epic Games / YouTube: Sony Pictures Entertainment

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