Is the Golden Mushroom returning to Fortnite?

Liam Mackay
will fortnite golden mushroom return

It’s been almost a year since Fortnite fans have seen the ultra-rare Golden Mushroom, and with Season 7 just around the corner, will it ever return?

Fortnite fans were in a frenzy during Chapter 2 Season 3 when Golden Mushrooms began to spawn around the map. It’s understandable if you never managed to get your hands on one of these rare items, as it reportedly had a spawn rate of only around 0.001%.

These rare items have been out of the game for almost a year now, and with a new season on the horizon, fans are wondering if they’ll make an official return in Season 7.

Fortnite Golden mushroom creative

The Golden Mushroom was by far the best shield item in the game, allowing players to instantly replenish 100 shield. As it was found in a bunch of three, it could also be stacked in a set of three. However, while powerful, it was unlikely that you would have had much chance to use them to their full potential.

Surprisingly, the Golden Mushroom’s time in the game was short-lived. This rare item had only been in the game for around 11 days when Epic Games deployed a surprise hotfix that removed it. Epic never acknowledged the Golden Mushroom’s removal, but popular Fortnite leaker HYPEX had a theory.

Players were reportedly having trouble picking the items up after finding them, which would be extremely frustrating considering their rarity. HYPEX wondered if Epic removed the Golden Mushrooms to fix this, but after they haven’t been re-added for almost a year, this was unlikely.

This begs the question, will they ever return? Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing if Golden Mushrooms will ever return to Fortnite. Season 7 is just around the corner and early leaks have hinted that it will be Alien-themed.

Epic Games have recently been hosting Wild Weeks, in which a certain mechanic is buffed for a week, and a fan-favorite item is usually unvaulted. It’s possible that the Gold Mushrooms will return in one of these week-long events.

As more information gets leaked about the new season and beyond, data miners will likely reveal Gold Mushroom’s unvaulting before they officially arrive.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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