Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration event: Freaky Flights code

Hamza Khalid
Fortnite Freaky Flight mode

Epic Games have brought the Cosmic Summer Celebration event to Fortnite, and you can complete new quests in the Freaky Flights Creative map by using the right code.

The Fortnite Season 7 update has brought a ton of content to the battle royale, and Epic Games announced the Cosmic Summer Celebration event to celebrate the beginning of summer.

This event has a plethora of in-game rewards new quests for you to complete in different creative map modes. If you want to tackle the Freaky Flights challenges, then you’ll need to use the code for the map.

Fortnite's Cosmic Summer Celebration promo

What is the Freaky Flights code in Fortnite?

The third set of Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration challenges went live on June 29. These are all set in the Freaky Flights creative map and require you to battle other players in X-4 Stormwings.

The code to access this map is 1234-7609-6108. Here’s how you can enter it:

  1. Launch Fortnite
  2. Visit Playlist options and select “Island Code”
  3. Enter the code above and then hop into the Freaky Flights map

The Freaky Flights mode takes the battle to the skies. Completing two of the challenges in it will reward you with 20,000 XP, and one will grant you 30,000 XP.

The Freaky Flights map in Fortnite

You’ll need to fly 5000 meters in an X-4 Stormwing to win the Brain Freeze Orangeberry reward, and will need to take out 25 players for the Cloud Crew Board.

During this mini-game, you can also spend 50 coins at the vending machine to get the Ka-Bang! wrap. Now that you have the creative map code, you can hop right in and earn some neat rewards for yourself.

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Image Credit: Epic Games

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