Fortnite 20.20 patch notes: Ranger Shotgun, Blimp crash, Prowler skin

the prowler skin in fortnite

Fortnite’s 20.20 update is here, bringing the Ranger Shotgun, crashing the Condo Canyon blimp, and the arrival of The Prowler in the season’s second major patch. Check out everything you need to know with the full Fortnite 20.20 patch notes.

Epic Games have kept the content coming in Chapter 3 Season 2, introducing the Super Styles and bringing back Jetpacks, Spicy Chug Splashes, and the Heavy Sniper Rifle in the 20.10 update.

Now, the 20.20 update is here, bring the Ranger Shotgun as the latest weapon to the game. On top of that, the blimp flying over Condo Canyon has crashed, while players will finally be able to get their hands on The Prowler skin.

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Here’s everything in Fortnite’s 20.20 update, complete with full patch notes.

Battle Busses in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Ranger Shotgun added

The headline addition to Fortnite with the 20.20 update is the arrival of the Ranger Shotgun. A single shot, Break-Action shotgun, Epic says this weapon can deal high damage to enemies.

Interestingly, the weapon’s description claims that it is “more effective at longer ranges” than other weapons in the Shotgun class, so this could quickly become a meta weapon in Season 3.

Condo Canyon blimp crashes

If you like to land on the blimp that floats above Condo Canyon, we’ve got some bad news for you. The next time you drop into the Fortnite Island, you’ll notice that there is nothing floating above the area anymore.

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That’s because the blimp has crashed into the water on the south-eastern edge of the map.

The Prowler arrives in Fortnite

The Prowler skin will finally be available soon after the 20.20 update, being the final Battle Pass skin that players can unlock.

The Prowler is a thief and supervillain who often clashes with Spider-Man. Aaron Davis, Miles Morales’ uncle, takes up the Prowler mantle in several iterations — notably, Into the Spider-Verse and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Once the skin goes live on April 21, players will have to complete several challenges to unlock the Prowler and all of the cosmetics.

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the prowler in fortnite

Fortnite 20.20 bug fixes

Fortnite’s community Trello board gives us a look at the bug fixes scheduled for the 20.20 update. You can view a full list of the fixes below.

Fortnite Battle Royale Top Issues

  • Can’t slide after sprinting if the “Toggle sprint” option is off
  • Match end UI occasionally missing from the screen
  • Leaving a Boat while boosting on land may cause controllers to Vibrate

Fortnite Creative Top Issues

  • Creative Accolades with splash size set to large aren’t showing up on the HUD

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Image Credit: Epic Games

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