“Beyond battle royale” open-world mode reportedly coming to Fortnite

Hamza Khalid
New beyond battle royale mode is coming to Fortnite

Some new leaks have revealed that Epic Games have plans to take Fortnite “beyond battle royale” in a new open-world game mode, giving the players more freedom to explore than ever before.

Epic Games tend to shake up the Fortnite meta by introducing brand-new content and events to keep it fresh. Season 6 features many new features like a crafting system, tamable wild animals, and soccer player NPCs.

Some new leaks have emerged, suggesting that the devs are planning to take the battle royale beyond its popular last-man-standing game mode. For the first time, Fortnite players will get to enjoy an open-world game mode.

Fortnite Open World

This information regarding a possible open-world mode came from notable Fortnite insider HYPEX, who tweeted the news on May 3. The “Epic Games vs. Apple” lawsuit spawned various leaks of Stipulated Exhibits Documents.

One of these showcased plans for an open-world simulation sandbox mode, similar to Grand Theft Auto games. “Epic will go beyond Battle Royale [next season] and give us an open-world simulation sandbox,” the leaker said.

A few images were also uncovered, which depict a campsite in a large forest. One of these stills shows three spawn spots for “Assault Rifles,” “Makeshift Bows,” and “Primal Bows.”

Fortnite "open-world" leaks

HYPEX also shared a few “Sandbox” images on April 27, including tree & camp codes, along with a “weird thing to spawn random objects with a seed.”

While we don’t have an exact release date for this new mode, we could hear more details soon. One potential theory is that the open-world might replace Fortnite’s Battle Labs in future seasons. There is no doubt that an open-world game mode for the game would bring in many players who may not have played before due to a lack of interest in the game’s battle royale nature.

We’ll keep checking for more updates regarding this and will inform you once we learn about any more developments.

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