Ultimate Team players demand FUT Champions overhaul in FIFA 23

Luca Di Marzo
FIFA 23 FUT Champions changes

FUT Champions is Ultimate Team’s elite competition where players compete to earn the game’s top rewards, but with more game modes than ever in FIFA 23, players want changes to make the grind less time-consuming.

Ultimate Team should once again be the main attraction of the franchise as FIFA 23’s September 30 release date beckons. As players discover FIFA 23’s new offerings like the revamped chemistry system and promos, there will also be more gameplay to enjoy.

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Not only will players get the chance to complete Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and FUT Champions matches, but FUT Moments will also make its way to FIFA this year.

The abundance of gameplay options and modes is already being viewed as a double-edged sword by FIFA players. More modes certainly equate to more Ultimate Team rewards up for grabs, including packs and coins.

However, with so many different modes on offer, players will have to choose how to allocate their time as the grind to earn all objectives continues to grow. FUT Champions is without a doubt the most grueling Ultimate Team mode.

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It offers the best rewards, but it also takes a ton of time to complete the required matches to firstly qualify, and then earn wins in FUT Champions against the game’s best players. One player took to the FIFA subreddit to voice their opinion on why FUT Champions needs to change in FIFA 23.

As Adventurous_Team285 puts it, “the amount of time needed if you want to complete the grind is getting really intense.” They describe Weekend League, also known as FUT Champions, as the most significant chore of the bunch.

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In FIFA 22, players were required to complete 20 matches in three days from Friday to Sunday. That number does not include the Play-Offs portion that is required to qualify for FUT Champions. It also doesn’t include other modes that players must play to earn all available rewards.

Most players simply don’t have enough time to complete all of these objectives. For this reason, the OP suggests that cutting down from the 20 games required in FUT Champions would be a much-needed change moving forward.

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Jack Grealish FIFA 23 Manchester City

The majority of players agreed that FUT Champions requires major changes, but most offer their own unique solutions: “I think 20 games is fine. The issue is qualification. It’s unnecessary. Just let everyone play the WL. Some people won’t qualify and some won’t have time.”

No qualification would certainly cut down on matches and allow everyone to participate. It would cap the maximum amount of games at 20, which is what players are asking for.

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While players agreed that 20 games in three days would be bearable without qualification, they also stated that adding to the three-day schedule would make the grind a more appealing task.

Having more than just Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to complete the required matches is a change players would love to see: “For me it would be much better if WL was extended to the same schedule that during TOTS, it was much less stressful and I could better organise my time to play them all.”

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