Ultimate Team makes big change to Division Rivals Rewards: FIFA 22 Season 4 update

Luca Di Marzo
FIFA Division Rivals Ultimate Team

EA Sports have changed the way Ultimate Team rewards are earned in FIFA 22’s Division Rivals as well as the process of progressing to a new Division.

FIFA 22’s Division Rivals has been met with controversy this year as Ultimate Team players feel that the rewards and promotion system are a hollow experience. EA have now taken steps to alleviate concerns and draw players back to Division Rivals.

The changes made via the Season 4 update have altered rewards and promotion requirements in FIFA 22.

Division Rivals rewards

The change has increased the number of wins needed for the Weekly Reward and Reward Upgrades from three and seven to four and eight respectively. At first glance, this may seem counterintuitive to the community’s concerns. However, EA have also eliminated Ranks within Divisions.

This means players at the top or bottom of the same division are open to receiving the same rewards. In addition players between Divisions four and one have received an extra stage within their division in order to receive increased rewards.

This means players have more of an incentive to grind and reach anywhere between Division four to one for maximum rewards.

Checkpoints are another new feature within Divisions and will safeguard your standing within a Division. This will prevent players from getting hit too hard if they’re experiencing a day to forget on the pitch.

These changes have been implemented as of February 3 so keep an eye on your next Division Rivals rewards on February 10.

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Image Credits: EA Sports