How to score direct from corners with FIFA 23 set piece trick

Hamza Khalid
How to score direct from corner in FIFA 23

Scoring direct from corners can be extremely tricky, but there’s one clever set piece tactic that you can use in order to get this done perfectly in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 has finally arrived, and there’s a ton of new content to explore in the new title, including a set piece rework that changes how you should approach free kicks, corners, and penalties

One of the biggest set piece changes made by developers is replacing the circular reticle with a trajectory line during corners. Now, you’ll want to try a new tactic in order to score direct from corners.

How to score direct from corners in FIFA 23

According to Reddit user ‘pipkillborn,” players should attempt the corner as an in-swinger with 3.5 bars power while aiming inside the six-yard box. So, a left-footed player will take the corner on the right side of the pitch, while a right-footed player will take your left-sided corners.

The player needs to aim roughly towards the middle of the six-yard box and get the curl by hitting the outside of the ball using the right stick. There will be an icon at the bottom of the screen to indicate where the player will strike the ball.

When aiming with the line, you can use the left stick to control the direction and the right stick to adjust the height and cross-type. Finally, you can power up the corner to 3.5 bars by holding the cross button in FIFA 23.

This tactic proved to be successful in a clip shared by the Redditor in the FIFA subreddit, and one user replied: “The aim is surprisingly consistent, so if you find a good angle/power that works for you, it is a real tool to deal with out of position keepers.”

The commenter explained that even if you miss, the opponents usually stop bringing out their keeper after one close call. Other players added that they find this trick easy to perform in FIFA 23, so you can get it done after a bit of practice.

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