How to get team mascots in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

EA has added a brand new Mascot feature to FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team mode, here’s how you can get one in your stadium.

As well as decking your team out with the latest promo cards, such as TOTW and TOTY players, FIFA 22‘s Ultimate Team is also about club customization.

Not only can you choose your team’s kit, badge, and name, you can also choose a stadium. Now, starting from February 3, players can bring even more life to their Ultimate Team stadiums with Mascots.

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How to get Mascots in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

fifa 22 chelsea mascot

Mascots are reportedly going to be available in an upcoming FUT store bundle, where they can be purchased with Fifa Coins for use in-game.

This information comes from reliable source FUT Watch, who leaked code reflecting the Mascots being available through the store.

It is currently unclear how much these Mascot bundles will cost players, but when that information is live we will be sure to update this piece so stay tuned.

In order to make them active in your stadium, players will need to head over to the Stadium Customization option within the in-game FUT menu. Then, select the Mascot you wish to use and voila, they will be dancing around and entertaining the crowd during matches.

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There are loads of Mascots to choose from, with the promo video for the feature showing off Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City, and even Borussia Dortmund’s Mascots.

Although it’s pretty insignificant when it comes to gameplay, it’s a fun addition to the game, as it gives players more customization options.

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Image Credits: EA Sports