How to get a Draft Token in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

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FIFA 22 Draft Tokens

FUT Draft is one of the many ways players can earn packs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but Draft Tokens are one of the game’s rarest items. Here are all of the ways you can get one in FIFA 22.

FUT Draft in FIFA 22, along with the likes of FUT Champions and Division Rivals, is one of the many ways that players can earn packs.

Fans fork over 15,000 FUT coins in the hope of winning the draft and packing one of the game’s best players.

Draft Tokens grant entry into the Draft, but they can be extremely hard to come across. Here’s every way you can get a Draft Token in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

What is FUT Draft?

FIFA 22 Draft rewards

First added in FIFA 16, FUT Draft is a mode where players select a team from a series of random player picks in the hope of striking a balance between quality cards and chemistry. This freshly-built team is then taken online against other Draft players in a maximum of four matches.

The random rewards increase in value with each win, with those who win all four games having a chance of getting some of the game’s best packs or a coin reward.

If you lose in any of the four games you are eliminated and must pay to enter again and start from scratch.

How to a get a free Draft Token in FIFA 22

Player pick in FIFA 22 FUT Draft

Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire way to get a free Draft Token in FIFA 22, it all comes down to how lucky you are any given day.

If you lose in the first round of a Draft, the Tokens are one of the possible rewards – along with Gold Packs and Silver Packs.

While there is no way to ensure you will definitely receive one for a first-round defeat, keep your fingers crossed that you are allowed to go again without spending more coins.

EA has also been known to give them out to the community occasionally throughout the year, so keep an eye on your FUT account.

FIFA 22 Draft Token SBCs

Screenshot of EA giving free Draft Token to FUT players

While there’s always the hope of bagging a free Draft Token, the best way to guarantee one is by completing the occasional SBCs that offer them as rewards.

We’ve already seen one SBC this year that gave out a token, although it did require an 84-rated team to be submitted, which worked out at more than the usual 15,000 coin entry.

Hopefully, EA keep the SBCs coming through the season to give casual players a chance to enter the Draft without the risk of losing coins.

FIFA 22 Draft Tokens in packs

FIFA 22 FUT Draft Token

The third and final way of grabbing a Draft Token is perhaps the least likely, but worth keeping an eye for.

They can turn up in any Gold Pack as a consumable item, replacing a contract, manager league, or healing item.

We don’t recommend furiously opening packs in the hopes of getting one, as you’ll likely burn through your coins before you find one, but it could be a nice surprise in a future pack.

Those were the three ways of securing a Draft Token in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, we’ll update this guide throughout the year if EA add-in more ways of grabbing one.

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