How to do new Cristiano Ronaldo ‘nap’ celebration in FIFA 23

Ronaldo doing nap celebration in FIFA 23

A brand-new Cristino Ronaldo celebration has been added to FIFA 23 following a recent update, so let’s go over how to do the new Ronaldo ‘nap’ celebration in all FIFA 23 modes.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the biggest names in world football, so it’s no surprise that he has a major presence in FIFA 23. Not only is he one of Ultimate Team’s top-rated players, EA were quick to update the database when he secured his shock move to Saudi club Al Nassr.

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The Portugal star also has his iconic Siu celebration included in FIFA 23, as one of the many ways players can show off after scoring in Career Mode and Ultimate Team. Now, following a minor update, FIFA 23 fans can also perform Ronaldo’s latest ‘nap’ celebration.

Here’s how to do Cristiano Ronaldo’s new celebration in FIFA 23.

How to do Ronaldo’s sleeping celebration in FIFA 23

The new nap celebration can only be performed after you’ve scored a goal with Ronaldo in any mode by pressing the default celebration button. Unlike the Siu celebration or the Griddy dance, the new move doesn’t have a specific input, it is simply one of Ronaldo’s signature celebrations.

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Check out a step-by-step guide on how to perform Ronaldo’s new celebration in FIFA 23:

  1. Enter a FIFA 23 match with Cristiano Ronaldo in your team.
  2. Score a goal, ensuring Ronaldo got the final touch.
  3. Before the cutscene plays, press the X/A button.
  4. Watch as Ronaldo performs his signature celebration.
Ronaldo doing Siu in FIFA 23Ronaldo’s trademark Siu celebration is also an option in FIFA 23.

It’s worth keeping in mind that since the FIFA 23 update Ronaldo now has two default celebrations; the nap move mentioned above or his trademark Siu celebration. There is no way to guarantee which of the two he will do, but you’re sure to see it if you keep hitting the net.

The downside to this trick is that unlike other celebrations FIFA 23, only the man himself is capable of performing it. This means you’ll have to play as Al Nassr or sign Ronaldo in Career Mode, or buy one of his cards from the market in Ultimate Team.

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Only time will tell if EA will add the new nap celebration to the list of possible showboats, allowing any players to recreate it with a specific button combination. We’ll be sure to update this page if anything changes.

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