How to complete FIFA 22 Curtis Jones & Aymeric Laporte Showdown SBC

Luca Di Marzo
FIFA 22 Jones and Laporte Showdown SBC

As Manchester City and Liverpool get set to clash in what is shaping up to be the most anticipated Premier League match of the year, FIFA 22 players will have the opportunity to complete the Jones and Laporte Showdown Series SBC.

FIFA 22’s Showdown Series information screen states that players will receive daily Showdown content until April 7. Evidently, this would make the Jones and Laporte Showdown SBC the final cards up for grabs.

This particular Showdown Series SBC offers players a major risk as it will be nearly impossible to predict the outcome of this pivotal clash between Manchester City and Liverpool.

There’s no doubt that both Jones and Laporte will prove to be monstrous additions with either +2 or +1 upgrades, so here’s how to complete the Showdown SBC.

FIFA 22 Showdown Curtis Jones stats

Curtis Jones stats FIFA 22

If you’re only looking to complete one of these players then Jones clearly looks like the attractive pick. He’s a very well-rounded midfielder who has excellent ties to England and the Premier League.

His Pace and Shooting could use a boost but that can be solved with a Chemistry Style. Meanwhile, you’ll certainly dance around opposing midfield players thanks to Jones’ excellent Dribbling stats. In addition, 4* weak foot and skill moves are a welcome sight.

FIFA 22 Showdown Aymeric Laporte stats

Laporte stats FIFA 22

For starters, Laporte’s 79 Acceleration is the biggest issue with this card. He may feel sluggish at times and you’ll want to pair him with a faster CB partner. Nonetheless, a +2 upgrade and a Shadow Chemistry Style will make Laporte feel as smooth as can be.

Laporte presents interesting linking opportunities given his nationality and Premier League ties. His Reactions are sublime, as are each and every one of his Defending stats.

How to complete FIFA 22 Showdown Jones SBC

To complete this SBC players will need to give up one squad: Curtis Jones. Costing around 200,000 coins, Jones’ FIFA 22 SBC is slightly overpriced but that could change if he receives the +2 upgrade.

You can check out the cheapest solutions below.

Curtis Jones requirements

  • # of players from Liverpool: Min 1
  • # of TOTW players: 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 87
  • Team Chemistry: Min 55

Curtis Jones solution – Cost: 200,000 coins

Curtis Jones SBC solution FIFA 22

How to complete FIFA 22 Showdown Laporte SBC

To complete this SBC you’ll need to give up two squads: Tactical Emulation and Spain. Much like Jones, with a value of around 230,000 coins, Laporte is an overpriced item. However, if you’re banking on Manchester City to pick up the win, he could be a steal.

You can check out the cheapest solutions below.

Tactical Emulation requirements

  • # of players from Manchester City: Min 1
  • # of TOTW players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min 80

Tactical Emulation solution – Cost: 45,000 coins

Tactical emulation SBC solution FIFA 22

Spain requirements

  • # of players from Spain: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 87
  • Team Chemistry: Min 50

Spain solution – Cost: 184,000 coins

Spain SBC solution FIFA 22

The Jones and Laporte Showdown SBCs are available until April 10 (10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 6 PM GMT / 7 PM CET) before Manchester City vs Liverpool begins.

Given how both players are not cheap, completing these SBCs will prove to be a calculated risk. Jones is an excellent box-to-box midfielder, while Laporte is a versatile defender, but they’ll need a +1 or +2 upgrade to reach the next level.

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Image Credits: EA Sports / FUTBIN