Frustrated FIFA 23 players demand simple position modifier change

Luca Di Marzo
FIFA 23 position modifier changes FUT

It hasn’t taken long for FIFA 23 players to sour on the position modifier changes introduced in this year’s iteration of Ultimate Team. Many players feel frustrated with the feature and are demanding alterations to simplify position changes.

Since the release of FIFA 23 on September 30, players have been occupied with the Ultimate Team grind. It seems players are pleased with the gameplay changes introduced in FIFA 23, including the lengthy AcceleRATE mechanic that has been a huge hit.

On the flip side, some new features have failed to hit the mark and have left a poor impression on fans of the FUT mode. One of these is without a doubt the position modifier feature that goes hand in hand with chemistry changes introduced in FIFA 23.

While players have no qualms with the new chemistry system, it’s the new method needed to change a player’s position that has left them frustrated. One FIFA fan reveals that while players having multiple positions is a good thing because it “reflects players’ real life versatility,” position modifier cards “should not be a thing.”

The issue players have with the system is that when they want to switch formations or use a player they own in a different position in two separate squads, they must repeatedly use position modifier cards, which becomes quite costly: “It is a bit annoying that I can’t make alternative squads with different formations and use the same Player in both.”

The top comment on the post with over 1.2k upvotes at the time of writing offered a solution to position modifier cards that FIFA 23 players would love to see EA implement.

The player suggested that position modifier cards “shouldn’t be position change but position unlock. Spend one card to unlock the new position then you can go back and forth as you please. When a card is sold on the market all positions get relocked except default.”

Position modifier Joao Cancelo FIFA 23

This would solve the problem of constantly needing to use a modifier to switch the position of a player you own. Others in the comments were quick to voice their support with one saying “I really like this idea,” and another player exclaiming “this is how it should work.”

As one player explained, the reason this solution to players’ current frustration is brilliant is that it “doesn’t ruin the pos modifier cards.” In other words, this solution wouldn’t trample on EA’s new feature, but the tweak would allow Ultimate Team players more freedom when crafting squads.

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