FIFA 23 Web App trading guide: SBCs, investments, tips & more

Nathan Warby
FIFA 23 Web App

The FIFA 23 Web App is the perfect place to start your Ultimate Team journey and get ahead of the game, but making the most of your time is crucial. We’ve put together a handy trading guide for the FIFA 23 Web App, with all the dos and don’ts you need to know about.

The FIFA 23 Ultimate Team season is finally underway, as players have begun crafting their dream squad on this year’s Web App.

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Both the Web App and Companion App are ideal ways to get a headstart on the competition before FIFA 23’s early access release on September 27. If you play your cards right, you could have a team full of the very best talent before the turnstiles even open.

If you’re looking to make the most of your time on the FIFA 23 Web App, take a look at this useful guide full of trading tips.

FIFA 23 Web App & Companion App trading tips

Complete SBCs

The FIFA 23 Web App doesn’t allow players to take to the pitch, so the only way to earn coins is through SBCs. Luckily, a handful of starter challenges are available from the get-go.

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Once you’ve breezed through the tutorial SBCs, we recommend tackling as many of the Hybrid League and Nations challenges as you can. Not only will they help explain the new Chemistry system, but the packs are extremely generous at this point of the game.

Don’t quick sell players

When you open a pack and you’re met with a row of non-rares that aren’t going to challenge your first team, the temptation is to quick sell them for a quick profit. However, by discarding them you could be missing out on valuable coins early on.

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The minimum price of a player on the market is always higher than their quick sell value, so be sure to list any cards you’re set on getting rid of. You may have to re-list them multiple times before getting a bite, but another user will always need that player eventually.

Invest in stats, not rating

If you come into some coins on the FIFA 23 Web App, it’s understandable that you might want to go out and invest in the highest-rated player possible. While this can pay off occasionally, the top-rated stars will be incredibly expensive, so it’s more important to look at a card’s in-game stats.

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Try and pick out cards with lower ratings but desirable stats, like Pace or Dribbling, from leagues or nations that other FUT fans will want to build a team around. Based on past meta, Premier League or Bundesliga players are a solid option.

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These are the types of players that will sore in price once the game is released and matches can be played, and smart investments can lead to massive profits. Meanwhile, high-rated cards tend to plummet shortly after launch.

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Buy in bulk

Something that FIFA players often forget when trading on the Web App is that it’s possible to buy more than one of the same player. By investing in multiple versions of an exciting player and sending the duplicates to your Transfer List, even a small increase in their value can spell big bucks when you sell them all.

In many cases, it pays to buy 10 versions of a lower-rated, meta player instead of one version of a superstar like Harry Kane. Again, look at pacey strikers or defenders from the top five leagues to really maximize the profits.

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Sell Chemistry Styles

Chemistry Styles are useful FUT items, but they serve no purpose on the FIFA 23 Web App since there are no matches to be played. While many users will naturally begin applying the consumables to their squad ready for day one, they’re missing out on easy money.

At this early stage most Chemistry Styles will sell on the market, with the likes of Hunters or Shadows almost guaranteeing 5K off the bat. Once FIFA 23 is out these items will be fairly easy to come by, and squads will evolve rapidly.

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So, don’t get bogged down applying them now, sell them and use the coins to bolster the team.

Don’t forget about EA tax

A crucial thing to keep in mind before you sell any player on the Transfer Market is that EA takes a 5% cut of any fees. This isn’t a huge deal when trading in 1,000 or 2,000 coin players, but when selling a six-figure superstar it becomes a much larger chunk.

So, be sure to take this into account before listing any players, and make sure that you’re still making a profit after the tax.

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For more on FIFA 23, be sure to check out the best starter squad you should build, and every player with five-star skills.

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