FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Chemistry Styles explained: All Chem Style stat increases

Luca Di Marzo
FIFA 23 all chemistry styles

Utilizing Chemistry Styles in FIFA 23 can allow your Ultimate Team players to reach new heights with boosted stats. Here are all of the Chemistry Styles in FIFA 23 along with the stat increases they deliver.

If you’re not applying Chemistry Styles to your players in FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team, then you’ll be a step behind your opponents. While cards will perform based on their statistics in-game, it’s possible to alter these statistics with Chemistry Styles.

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These consumables are valuable tools that FIFA 23 players should not overlook. They present a great way to cover a player’s weakness by boosting a specific attribute of theirs.

We’ll go over exactly how Chemistry Styles work in FIFA 23, and detail the stat increases they provide.

What are Chemistry Styles in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Chemistry Styles in FIFA 23 are Ultimate Team consumables that can be applied to players for an increase in stats. There are 22 Chemistry Styles in FIFA 23 split up into three categories: Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, and Attacker.

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Chemistry Styles are incredibly useful and most players looking to earn maximum rewards across Division Rivals and FUT Champions will apply them to their entire Ultimate Team squad.

Each Chemistry style boosts either two or three attributes and can be applied to any player (excluding GKs) regardless of position. In FIFA 23, Hunter and Shadow are two of the most sought-after Chemistry Styles.

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However, due to Lengthy players taking over the meta, the Architect Chemistry Style is extremely popular as well. An Architect is often required to turn a player Lengthy in FIFA 23 thanks to the increase in Physicality it provides.

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FIFA 23 Harry Kane

All FIFA 23 Chemistry Style stat boosts

The effectiveness of Chemistry Styles in FIFA 23 are determined by a player’s individual chemistry rating. Players can boast one, two, or three chemistry points or diamonds. If a player is on maximum chemistry, the Chemistry Style will provide the maximum increase in stats.

Keep in mind that while Chemistry Styles alter face stats, they’re more intricate than they appear. Each Chemistry Style impacts a player’s in-game stats differently.

For example, a Shadow and a Guardian both increase Defending by +3, but a Guardian will increase the Standing Tackle stat by +13, while the Shadow will increase it by +8.

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Therefore, when identifying which Chemistry Style to apply, it’s important to analyze how the player’s in-game stats will change and you can do so by visiting EA’s spreadsheet for Chemistry Style attribute changes.

Goalkeeper Chemistry Style increases

  • Cat: +2 Reflexes, +2 Pace, +2 Positioning
  • Wall: +2 Diving, +2 Handling, +2 Kicking
  • Glove: +2 Diving, +2 Handling, +2 Positioning
  • Shield: +2 Kicking, +2 Reflexes, +2 Pace

Defender Chemistry Style increases

  • Guardian: +3 Dribbling, +3 Defending
  • Shadow: +3 Pace, +3 Defending
  • Anchor: +2 Pace, +2 Defending, +2 Physicality
  • Backbone: +2 Passing, +2 Defending, +2 Physicality
  • Gladiator: +2 Shooting, +3 Defending
  • Sentinel: +3 Defending, +3 Physicality

Midfielder Chemistry Style increases

  • Architect: +3 Passing, +3 Physicality
  • Maestro: +2 Shooting, +2 Passing, +2 Dribbling
  • Artist: +3 Passing, +3 Dribbling
  • Engine: +2 Pace, +2 Passing, +2 Dribbling
  • Catalyst: +3 Pace, +3 Passing
  • Powerhouse: +3 Passing, +3 Defending

Attacker Chemistry Style increases

  • Finisher: +3 Shooting, +3 Physicality
  • Hunter: +3 Pace, +3 Shooting
  • Hawk: +2 Pace, +2 Shooting, +2 Physicality
  • Marksman: +2 Shooting, +2 Dribbling, +2 Physicality
  • Sniper: +3 Shooting, +3 Dribbling
  • Deadeye: +3 Shooting, +3 Passing

The figures above represent the change in attributes for players on three chemistry ratings.

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Image Credit: EA Sports

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