FIFA 23 lengthy AcceleRATE receives major nerf as new meta emerges

Luca Di Marzo
FIFA 23 Vinicius Jr

FIFA 23 players can breathe a sigh of relief as a FUT update has nerfed the broken lengthy AcceleRATE. Here’s what you need to know including the new best AcceleRATE in FIFA 23.

EA are finally starting to crack down on broken FIFA 23 mechanics as Ultimate Team players continue to celebrate the World Cup with FUT promos, rewards, and objectives.

Since FIFA 23’s launch back in September, the lengthy AcceleRATE type and Trivela shots absolutely dominated the Ultimate Team meta. These two broken mechanics would be utilized by players in Division Rivals and FUT Champions matches to no end.

It seems the days of utilizing these two techniques have come to an end as EA has issued a nerf to lengthy players following their previous Trivela shot nerf.

On November 16, Multiple FIFA Ultimate Team accounts such as DonkTrading reported that the lenghty meta “could now be over.” Following the FIFA 23 Title Update #4, it seems other AcceleRATE types are faster than the notorious lengthy.

Both the explosive and controlled AcceleRATE types received very little love since the release of FIFA 23, as lengthy completely took over the Ultimate Team meta.

However, this is set to change following the update, and thanks to a clip from IamFrench_, you can see the exact results of the much-needed lengthy nerf.

There’s no denying that FIFA 23 players will be racing to update their Ultimate Team squads as lengthy players will prove to be less effective when it comes to top speed. As players gravitated toward lengthy players at the start of the game, we could see explosive and controlled players start to take over.

Previously, lengthy players were incredibly valuable on the transfer market, but FIFA 23 players can expect a price correction when it comes to the nerfed AcceleRATE.

Here’s a list of top explosive players, as FUT fans look to snipe some from the transfer market:

  • Lionel Messi
  • Neymar Jr
  • Mohamed Salah
  • Sadio Mane
  • Joshua Kimmich
  • Vinicius Junior

While lengthy players can still be valuable in FIFA 23, there’s no longer any strategy in fielding a squad entirely comprised of these types of players.

For more, check out the current TOTW squad as well as our FIFA 23 OTW upgrade tracker.

Image Credit: EA Sports

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