FIFA 23 leak claims Ultimate Team position changes will be completely reworked

Luca Di Marzo
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For years, Ultimate Team fans have been able to utilize position modifier cards to alter a player’s position, but according to leaks that system could receive a complete rework in FIFA 23.

While Ultimate Team fans are still enjoying FIFA 22’s TOTS promo, it’s never too early to look ahead in anticipation of FIFA 23. It seems FUT Hero cards and Icon cards will return to the game with some new faces.

In addition to new players, Ultimate Team leaks suggest that the position change system used to manage your squad could receive a complete rework in FIFA 23.

Kyle Walker in FIFA 23

Position change modifier cards have been a key feature of the Ultimate Team mode for several FIFA iterations including FIFA 22. As it stands, each position except for CB and GK could be altered to fit your formation and provide maximum squad chemistry.

The catch for players with the current system is that position changes must respect a certain path. In other words, a central midfielder must remain in a central position and can only move on a predetermined path from CDM to CM, to CAM.

According to renowned FIFA leaker FutSheriff this system will receive a major rework in FIFA 23. It seems EA could be doing away with the set path in favor of a more realistic approach.

If the rumors are true, Ultimate Team players will no longer be able to utilize position modifier cards to change a player’s position. Instead, Ultimate Team cards will only be able to swap to a different position if they have real-life experience in that role, known as a secondary position.

This is a revolutionary change for Ultimate Team as it opens the door to new squad building opportunities. A player like Joao Cancelo who plays LB and RB for Manchester City will finally be able to attain full chemistry in both positions.

Another great example is Cancelo’s Manchester City teammate Kyle Walker, whose alternate position would be at CB. Previously it would have been impossible to change a RB card to CB, but with the leaked position modifier system you can utilize Walker in his real-life alternate position.

It remains to be seen how faithful EA will remain to players’ real-life alternate positions. One might wonder if they will give every player at least one alternate position, if not, those lacking an alternate position may see their value suffer.

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