New FIFA 23 HyperMotion 2 gameplay features: Power Shot, set piece redesign, skill moves, more

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FIFA 23 HyperMotion 2 gameplay features

FIFA 23 is shaking up the series with a number of major gameplay changes made possible by HyperMotion 2. Here’s every big new FIFA 23 gameplay feature, from Power Shots to revamped set pieces.

As the last game in the series as we know it, football fans have been hoping that FIFA 23 will make a splash before the EA SPORTS FC era gets underway. While Career Mode and Ultimate Team will surely receive large updates as well, it’s on the pitch where fans really want to know what’s new.

On next-gen consoles, HyperMotion 2 and machine learning technology is allowing the devs to add over 6,000 new animations, captured during two matches and numerous training drills. The result is smoother, more realistic gameplay across shooting, passing, sprinting, and dribbling.

There are also plenty of new additions across all platforms, so even last-gen players can look forward to a vastly different experience in FIFA 23. We’ve broken down every major new FIFA 23 gameplay feature right here.

FIFA 23 new gameplay features (All platforms)


Grealish shooting in FIFA 23

The headline change to shooting in FIFA 23 is the addition of the new Power Shots. This interesting new skill allows players to unleash a devastating effort with extra power and spin by holding both bumpers down when shooting, leading to some memorable goals.

However, it’s a risk-reward option, as Power Shots turn off assisted aiming and need to be directed manually, meaning it’s far tougher to get the shot on target. They also have a longer wind-up animation than regular shots, so you’ll have to find plenty of space before using them.

Shooting, in general, has also been revamped, giving players a much wider variety of options to beat helpless goalkeepers. EA wants every shot to feel unique, so there’s even more spin and swerve that can be applied, while volleys can now be smashed into the ground.

New skill moves

Havertz controling ball in FIFA 23

Skills have become more and more important in FIFA over the years, and players will have even more tricks up their sleeves in FIFA 23. Check out the new skill moves below:

  • Left-foot skill moves – Left-footed players like Messi or Mahrez can now use skill moves on their strongest foot, a feature fans have requested for many years
  • Explosive fake shot – Explosive fake shots can be performed by any player with four-star skills, and acceleration and sprint speed stats of 85 or higher
  • Stutter faint – This allows you to faint in one direction then quickly shift and go the opposite way
  • Heel fake to ball roll – Use the heel to fake a pass, before ball rolling in another direction to glide past full-backs

New set pieces

FIFA 23 player taking free kick

FIFA 23 brings completely redesigned set pieces to the game, allowing players to control their shots and crosses like never before. Corners and free-kicks work pretty similarly, doing away with the reticle from FIFA 22 in favor of a trajectory line indicating where the ball will travel.

Players then use the right stick to adjust where the ball will be struck and apply spin. A helpful text box under the ball also tells the taker what type of delivery they’ve lined up so far, whether it be an outswinging corner or knuckleball free-kick.

Penalties have also been changed to recreate the intense pressure of a real-life spot kick. Players will now be met with a changing composure ring around the ball, and need to hit shoot when the circle is at its smallest for maximum accuracy.

The speed that the composure ring moves depends on how skilled the penalty taker is, as well as how much pressure is on the kick. For example, the fifth shot in a penalty shootout will move much faster than a consolation penalty in the 90th minute.


Van Dijk in FIFA 23

With all of the new attacking options in FIFA 23, defenders have also been given some new tools to help them cope. The first is “hard slides,” a more aggressive form of slide tackle that sends the ball out of play, or back upfield for a counterattack.

Top-level defenders have also received a number of new animations, allowing them to stick a leg out behind them to poke away the ball even if they’ve overrun, and giving them “more coverage” to stop the ball.

FIFA 23 HyperMotion 2 gameplay features (next-gen)


FIFA 23 AcceleRATE in menus

Pace will once again be a fundamental part of FIFA 23, but the way races between attackers and defenders play out has been drastically altered.

All players will now be assigned one of three archetypes based on their height, agility, and strength. These affect how each runner deploys their speed, as explained in the official pitch notes:

  • Controlled – Most players in FIFA 23 will fall into the Controlled type as they accelerate uniformly in a controlled manner.
  • Explosive – These are shorter and more agile players who are able to quickly cover short distances and get ahead of their opponents, even if that means slowing down after the initial burst of acceleration. These players are quicker to start but their acceleration rate slows down.
  • Lengthy – Taller and stronger, these players need a bit more time to get going, but are able to catch up to anyone and even surpass them, provided they have enough distance.

Technical Dribbling

Sam Kerr dribbling in FIFA 23

Technical Dribbling makes use of the new HyperMotion 2 animations to make dribbling feel more responsive and realistic than in FIFA 22. The game’s best dribblers will now turn on a dime to create space in the midfield or sell overcommitted defenders.

Players can now even interrupt their own dribbling animations and move in a different direction, shifting their weight to perform a small body feint perfect for getting around opposing defenders.


Allison in FIFA

FIFA 23’s goalkeepers are going to behave more like their real-life counterparts than ever before. If their vision is obscured, you’ll see them peeking around defenders to try and get a better view, and they’ll even react slower if they can’t see the ball until late.

Stoppers will also react more naturally when coming out to claim a cross against an attacker. In FIFA 23, both players will be aware of each other and will collide in a more realistic way.

This means that the days of seeing goalkeepers phasing through strikers to catch a corner should be behind us.

That was every major new gameplay feature we know about in FIFA 23 so far, we’ll be sure to keep this page updated with any new announcements.

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Image credits: EA Sports

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