FIFA 22 Ultimate Team best formations: All-Out Attack & Park the Bus

Nathan Warby
Neymar in FIFA 22

Picking the right formation in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team can be the difference between winning and losing – so we’ve put together a guide of the best meta formations, as well as how to go All-Out-Attack or Park the Bus.

Building a dream Ultimate Team full of superstars is one of the joys of FIFA 22, but it can quickly go wrong if it doesn’t play well in-game.

While there’s plenty of deep tactics and instructions to fiddle with, it often comes down to finding the formation that makes the most of your players and suits your brand of football.

We’ve put together the five best formations in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, as well as the best ultra-attacking and defensive setups for when the matches get intense.

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Chelsea players in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 best formations


Wingers are the secret weapon in this year’s game thanks to their ability to blits past defenders and create valuable space.

But many formations that include wingers can often lead to the front three being too spread apart, meaning it’s tough to link them up in any meaningful way.

With 4-3-2-1, the wide-men play much narrower as left and right-forwards, so it’s far easier for them to create chances for one another.

In this setup, the main striker drops slightly deeper and brings his fellow attackers into play, so be sure to pick a target man with decent passing.

4-2-3-1 narrow formation in FIFA 22


An old-faithful for football fans, EA has made 4-4-2 one of the strongest formations in FIFA 22 once again.

This year’s game, more than ever before, is about patient build-up play. The strength of this setup is that it always provides a passing option in attack without leaving the backline exposed.

The two strikers give the wingers more to aim at when they get into a crossing position, while the midfield players can still track back and help out.

One downside, however, is the strain this places on your two center mids, so it’s best to opt for players with impressive stamina.

4-4-2 formation in FIFA 22


Three-at-the-back formations have become a staple in modern football, and FIFA 22 has finally reflected this. The lack of full-backs may be a turn-off for some players, but it can be highly effective in all areas of the pitch.

The CDM sit-back is perfect for mopping up counter-attacks, while the other central players can help overload the defense.

It can also be used as a defensive formation by making the wide players stay and aid the three center-backs.

The only negative here is that the wide men are asked to work up and down the line, so it pays to have more options on the bench.

3-1-4-2 formation in FIFA 22


While there’s no doubt that wingers can make a big difference if you’re not a player who resorts to crosses too often, going for a narrow formation might suit you.

4-3-1-2 lends itself to those who love to play possession in midfield and wait for bombing runs from their front two.

The inclusion of a CAM is vital here, as they can be the ones to break through the lines and unlock tight defenses with a killer pass.

The lack of width may cause problems, which can only be solved by pushing the full-backs further upfield, but this could leave the defense exposed.

4-3-1-2 formation

4-2-3-1 Narrow

As mentioned earlier, not playing with wingers can limit your attacking options and put a strain on your rear guard. Luckily, with 4-2-3-1 Narrow, you can have the best of both.

Having three CAMs means that your attack sticks closer together, making it far easier to pull off those quick, intricate passes to break teams down.

But if you start in a formation with wingers and switch to this in-game, you also have the blistering pace where you need it.

Throw in the two holding midfielders, and this is potentially the most well-balanced formation in FIFA 22 right now.

4-2-3-1 formation

Best ultra-attacking formation

Sometimes you need to switch up your approach and throw caution to the wind, especially if you’re in dire need of a goal.

In this case, we suggest making your ultra-attacking formation 4-2-4, so you can overload the box.

This gives you minimal defensive cover, but four attacking players as well as midfielders who can push up mean you’ve got the best chance of snatching a late goal.

For maximum effectiveness, be sure to tweak the instructions so that everyone is joining the attack.

4-2-4 formation

Best ultra-defensive formation

Likewise, occasionally you need to park the bus and grind out a result with some well-organized defending – partially if you’re holding on to a lead.

In these scenarios, switch to a 5-3-2 formation to give yourself every ounce of defensive cover possible.

By having the back five and the midfield three on “stay back while attacking,” you create an impenetrable wall around the penalty area. Just be wary of finesse shots from outside the box.

You’ll also want to leave at least one of your strikers forward to offer an outlet when you win the ball back.

5-3-2 formation

That was our guide on the best formations in FIFA 22 Ultimate. We’ll update this guide throughout the year as new setups start to dominate the meta.

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Image credits: EA / Dexerto