FIFA 22 March 7 Title Update 7 patch notes

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EA have delivered a brand-new FIFA 22 update that provides quality of life changes to enhance your gameplay experience. Let’s take a look at the FIFA 22 Update 7 patch notes.

The devs have already addressed some major issues plaguing FIFA 22 over the past few months which has added to the fluidity of the FIFA gaming experience. Update 7 will set its sights on minor issues that should once again improve the quality of gameplay.

This time, audio issues, skill move animations, and other bug fixes were addressed via Update 7. Here are all the details including the patch notes for the latest FIFA 22 update.

FIFA 22 audio fix

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A strange bug that mixed the audio from EA Trax and EATV videos when watching in full screen would occur far too often for some. Luckily, EA has addressed this issue in Update 7 as the audio channels have now been separated.

While this isn’t the most detrimental issue to hit FIFA 22, audio problems are always quite annoying for players and it’s a great thing they no longer have to deal with this mix-up.

FIFA 22 new skill move animation

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If used properly, skill moves are a fantastic tool at your disposal in FIFA 22. These unique moves will create space and leave defenders in the dust if timed to perfection.

Update 7 brings a “new Skill Move animation that occurs when performing a Heel Chop diagonally behind the face angle of the ball carrier.”

The Heel Chop skill move is one that can be performed by players with a minimum of 3* SM. You will now notice a different animation that will trigger based on the position of the ball carrier.

FIFA 22 Update 7 patch notes


Made the following change:

  • Added a new Skill Move animation that occurs when performing a Heel Chop diagonally behind the face angle of the ball carrier.

General, Audio, and Visual

Made the following change:

  • Updated some player portraits.

Addressed the following issue:

  • EA Trax audio could play over EATV videos when watching them in full screen.

Title Update #7 is now available for the PC (Origin/Steam) version of FIFA 22 with the console version’s update not far behind.

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