FIFA 22: How to Complete Reece Oxford Ultimate Team League Player Objective 

Luca Di Marzo
Reece Oxford Objective player Ultimate Team reveal

The wait is finally over. Almost a month after launch, and players are treated to their first League Player Objective in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Augsburg’s Reece Oxford is the first player up for grabs.  

It’s not often we see English defenders test their skills abroad. Reece Oxford is one of the few who departed the English Premier League in search of additional game time. FIFA has chosen to highlight his special set of attributes with a League Player Objective.

What makes Oxford so special is the ability to link him to Bundesliga players as well as English players. This special blend at center-back is similar to Fikayo Tomori’s unique linking that came about in FIFA 21 as a member of A.C. Milan.

With superior statistics, it is safe to say Oxford’s potential impact can be of greater value than Tomori’s.

Reece Oxford League Player Objective Requirements

Reece Oxford in-game FIFA Ultimate team objective list.

There are a total of five objectives to complete, so FIFA 22 players definitely have their work cut out for them. All five of the objectives must be completed playing Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece. The Friendly mode has a specific ruleset made to challenge even the best FIFA 22 players. Before we get into that, let’s take a look at the objectives.

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Keep in mind, the following objectives MUST be completed in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece. 

  1. Scoring Prowess: Score 30 goals using Bundesliga players.
  2. Assist Kings: Assist 20 goals using Bundesliga players.
  3. Bundesliga Basics: Assist with a cross using a Bundesliga player in four separate matches. 
  4. Feeling Finesse: Score a finesse goal using a Bundesliga player in 15 separate matches.
  5. Bundesliga Wins: Win six matches by min. 2 goals using only Bundesliga players in the Starting 11. 

As far as breaking down the difficulty level, objectives 1-4 are pretty straightforward. The first two will progress naturally, while numbers three and four could use some minor in-game adjustments. The final objective is by far the most difficult.

Not only are you restricted to using a full Bundesliga squad, but you must win by two goals. This effectively removes the Golden Goal agreement often exhibited by FIFA players completing objectives. 

The most restrictive aspect involves the squad you must field. In order to access this mode, players must conform to the following ruleset:

  • Maximum 1 loan player
  • Maximum 1 88 or higher overall player
  • Team overall rating: Maximum 77

Players will have to craft a team that meets these standards. Staying below 78 overall is a difficult task. 

Is Reece Oxford worth the challenge?

Reece Oxford Ultimate Team in-game statistics.

The nice thing about this card is that it isn’t exclusively appealing to those who run Bundesliga teams. Thanks to the unique pairing of being an English player in the German top flight, Oxford slots into many teams nicely. 

Oxford boasts an 84 overall rating. His base stats are as followed:

  • Pace: 81
  • Shooting: 47
  • Passing: 67
  • Dribbling: 70
  • Defending: 85
  • Physical: 85

Immediately, the pace stat of 81 is a standout. This year, center-backs with a lot of pace are a hot commodity. 81 pace coupled with 85 Defending and 85 physical is a wonderful trifecta for a center-back. His highest in-game stat is 91 Interceptions, making him the ideal choice to react to quick counterattacks. Oxford’s 83 Short Passing stat means that he won’t feel too clunky on the ball. 

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Thanks to Oxford’s distinctive linking options, the possibilities are endless. Slotting Oxford into Bundesliga teams, Premier League teams, or hybrid teams is a simple task. 

The young talent is available to players who complete a specific set of tasks. Unfortunately, the requirements for unlocking this card are not as forgiving as years past.

Suggested squad for Reece Oxford Player Objective

Cheap Objective squad recommendation.

Here is a cost-efficient Bundesliga team that is sure to get the job done. Players can purchase this team for under 12,000 coins

Oxford’s League Player Objective began on November 5th. Although the task is a tough one, players have 60 days to earn a stellar center-back for their squad.

Now that you’re set up to complete these objectives with ease, you may want to look into saving your rewards for Team of the Week 8. The highly anticipated team is set to hit FIFA 22 on Wednesday.

Image Credits: EA / FUTWIZ

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