FIFA 22 fans slam “shocking” Ronaldo FUT downgrade

Ronaldo with the top 22 rated players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

The Ultimate Team ratings always spark a lot of discussion among the FIFA community. FIFA 22 could be the fiercest debate yet, as EA gave global superstar Cristiano Ronaldo a downgrade, making him the joint third-best in the game.

After much speculation, EA has finally begun revealing the official player ratings for Ultimate Team. In contrast to previous years, the publisher has started with the top 22, giving fans their first look at the very best that this year’s game will have to offer.

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However, one rating, in particular, has caused a lot of discussion within the community. Cristiano Ronaldo, undoubtedly one of the best players to grace the game, has seen his rating cut down in FIFA 22.

Picture of the top 22 rated players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Despite making a move back to the Premier League with Manchester United, Ronaldo’s rating has been downgraded from 92 to 91 by EA. This is likely due to the fact he is 36-years-old now, and Juventus’ poor season in 2020/21.

This may sound like a small change, but it is significant because it puts him two ratings behind his rival Lionel Messi for the first time since 2014. It’s also the first time since FIFA 10 that the United man isn’t in the top two players.

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In fact, in FIFA 22 Robert Lewandowski has taken the silver medal. Ronaldo will have to settle for joint third-place, along with Kevin De Bruyne, Kylian Mbappe, Neymar Jr, and Jan Oblak.

The move has caused a stir among fans on Reddit, who have been debating how the ratings should have looked. Many felt that Ronaldo was still a class above the rest, and should still be close to Messi.

“I’m not in denial of Ronaldo not being on top anymore, but I don’t think he should be the same rating as KDB,” argued one fan. “It feels like everyone else is still inflating while the big 3 are just being toned down more and more.”

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“Shocking to be honest. Guy breaks 50-year-old goal record, wins FIFA award for best player and still isn’t top rated card,” said another.

Others even went as far as digging up the stats of both Ronaldo and Mbappe to make their case. According to Reddit user Mr_XemiReR, Ronaldo bagged 29 goals and two assists in 33 league games last season, while Mbappe had 27 goals and 11 assists in 31.

While one user said the Frenchman had a superior “goal ratio” in the league last year, others argued that the Italian league is played at a “better” standard.

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Mbappe dribbling in FIFA 22

EA has never retrospectively changed its ratings after they have been revealed before, so it is likely these will be the stats going into this year’s Ultimate Team.

However, special cards released after launch could close the gap between Ronaldo and his contemporaries.

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Image credits: EA Sports

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