Elden Ring player proves why you should leave messages with life-saving clutch

Joseph Pascoulis
elden ring player leaving message in shadow of the erdtree dlc

Elden Ring‘s Messages mechanic may seem like just a bit of fun, but if you’re not using it in Shadow of the Erdtree you’re missing out on some helpful aid.

You can leave Messages for other players to read in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. Whether you want to warn your fellow Tarnished of the path ahead, aid them in which way to go or troll them for a laugh, they’re an instrumental part of an online playthrough.

In fact, your Messages could save your life, as if they’re appraised, you’ll receive some health as a thank you. The health you receive can be extremely clutch in dire moments, as the boost in vitality has saved me a flask or two in many tough fights, allowing me to finish the job and prevent an unwanted death.

One Elden Ring player had an absolutely epic moment thanks to their message being approved, as they escaped certain defeat.

Spoiler warning, as the Reddit post contains footage of a boss you may not have come across.

Reddit user ‘Beautiful-Quit-2457’ was fighting arguably the toughest boss in Shadow of the Erdtree when they received the blessing. The bosses’ health was low, but so was the player’s, and with no flasks left, one hit from the dragon would end their valiant effort.

However, in the most thrilling way possible, just as the player was about to be hit and killed, their message was appraised, saving their bacon and allowing them to finish the fight in triumphant fashion.

Thankful, the user said, “Whoever appraised my message, I’m going to marry you.” If they had never put that message down, they wouldn’t have completed the boss, so it just goes to show how much those who don’t leave Messages for others are missing out.

Now, you’re message is more likely to be appraised if you place it somewhere that no one else has. You may also receive more appraisals if the message is extremely helpful, funny, or if it points out something that another Tarnished may also think when they’re in that same spot, such as a beautiful view.

However, you can increase your chances by putting as many down as you can, just make sure they’re relevant for an increased chance of an appraisal.

Messages that lead players to a useful item tend to perform well, speaking of which, the new inventory settings in Elden Ring are a great help when it comes to inventory management.

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