EA FC 24: How to fix stuttering & lagging on PC

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Based on your hardware and EA FC 24 settings, your PC can often experience stuttering, lag, and other performance issues while running the game. If you’re running into these issues, here’s how you can easily fix any stuttering and lagging problems in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 has already become the most-played football game, with an all-time high player count of more than 82,000 players on Steam. While that number isn’t quite as much as games like Counter-Strike 2, the football game does benefit from all the new features it has introduced. Features like Hypermotion V and a reworked Ultimate Team experience have led to this game being referred to as one of the best sports games on the market.

While EA FC 24’s system requirements are quite lenient, you might run into issues with the PC port. If you’ve been experiencing stutters and frame drops during various cutscenes, replays, and normal gameplay, here’s how you can fix stuttering and lagging in EA FC 24.

How to fix lagging & stuttering in EA FC 24

To fix stuttering and lagging in EA FC 24, you must first update all of your drivers and check if there is any unwanted or outdated software taking up your internet. Keep in mind that not all stutters during online gameplay are due to in-game issues but the internet connection instead.

For offline stutters, you can try the following ways to help yourself out:

Reduce graphics settings in the game

Surprisingly in this game, even if you have an extremely high-end GPU, you can experience stutters and frame drops. This is due to the optimization of the PC port and there is nothing you can do about that except for waiting for a new patch in EA FC 24.

However, you can reduce your graphics settings to medium, drop the cutscenes down to half the frame rate, and turn off Strand-Based Hair to almost eliminate this issue completely. Make sure that you have updated your graphics driver too.

EA FC 24 display configuration
Turn off Strand-Based Hair to gain fps.

Turn off the added cutscenes and infographics

You can turn off the various graphics-bound features in EA FC 24 such as Hypermotion V, overhead indicators, and the insight overlay to gain a small boost in FPS. Although these do not make a huge difference compared to the previous point, you should gain every bit of performance you can if you are experiencing constant stutters in EA FC 24.

Try limiting your refresh rate and in-game frames

In the Display Configuration, you can limit your frame rate to 60 FPS like on the console versions of EA FC 24 to get rid of such stutters at the cost of additional frames. Although this will remove stuttering and lagging in EA FC 24, you will only experience the game at 60 frames per second.

Similarly, you can also limit your monitor refresh rate to 60 FPS to balance out the amount of frames you are getting in the game. This was everything you had to know about fixing the stuttering and lagging problem in EA FC 24.

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