How to unlock Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s Salvation’s Grip grenade launcher

Andrew Highton

Beyond Light has added a lot of crucial new content to Destiny 2. But lots of these gameplay-changing additions have requirements that need to be met first. Here’s our in-depth guide to Destiny 2: Beyond Light and unlocking Salvation’s Grip.

It’s hard to believe that one Exotic grenade launcher could be the difference between you and precious Stasis aspects & fragments. But it really is.

In order to gain access to these advanced customizable options, you will need to destroy the Five Entropic Shards that are situated around Europa. These are the key to unlocking Aspects & Fragments in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

What you’ll need to do to unlock it

There’s nothing particularly special about the Salvation’s Grip exotic grenade launcher. Bungie knows that it probably won’t become a permanent addition to your arsenal, but it will temporarily to destroy the shards.

Here’s are the steps for you to follow.

Finish the campaign

eramis in destiny 2 beyond light

Just finish it. Complete the main missions and beat the final boss. When this is done, go and communicate with the Drifter in the Tower.

Eliminate Captains and Servitors

Kill 10 Fallen Captains and 10 Servitors to obtain intel. That’s all there is to it, however it could take you some time. So sit back, relax, and try not to fall asleep completing this step.

Acquire and overcome an Empire Hunt

These were added as part of Beyond Light and can only be accessed after you’ve completed the main game’s story. You can ALSO encounter one during the main campaign itself if you look hard enough, if not, then you can always pick-up one for 40 Herealways Pieces too.

Use Stasis and bag some kills

enemies frozen using stasis in destiny 2 beyond light

Another very straightforward step to carry out. The iceman cometh and killeth all enemies found across Europa using Stasis. Some Lost Sectors and Events should quickly accumulate a death toll.

Do the Concealed Lost Void Sector

Make your way through this Lost Sector, kill enemies, grab loot, and take out the boss at the end of it. Once you’ve done this, you will cross paths with “Spider’s associate” and they will give you important information in the form of codes.

Head back to the Tower, complete Stealing Stasis

After doing everything above with the Concealed Void Lost Sector, you can now backtrack to the Tower. Speak to the Drifter once more, accept the ‘Stealing Stasis’ quest, and after completing it you will have Salvation’s Grip.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light should now become better with Salvation’s Grip as you can now destroy the Entropic Shards and get access to the game’s coolest stuff.

Image credits: Bungie

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