How to Replay Empire Hunts in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Hamza Khalid

Empire Hunts are new activities that the Beyond Light expansion brought to Destiny 2. These let you hunt down Fallen targets on Europa and you can play them again after completion. Here’s how you can do that.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light has a plethora of new content for you to enjoy. There are various exotic weapons and armor pieces all over Europa, along with different activities that you can seek out. Playing through the Beyond Light campaign will open up even more new quests.

The Empire Hunts are activities that you unlock by completing a mission for Variks after getting through a good portion of the campaign. These will have you go after three followers of Eramis and face them in challenging boss fights.

These quests are fairly short and you can attempt them again after completing them. Here’s what you need to do.

How To Replay Empire Hunts

The Hunts are titled The Warrior, The Dark Priestess, and The Technocrat. These will have you chase after Phylaks, Kridis, and Praksis respectively. Each of these enemies is able to use Stasis efficiently and can prove to be a real threat, so you should be ready for a real fight.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry too much about the difficulty of these boss fights. This is because you’ll have already acquired some great gear and leveled yourself up to at least 1200 by just playing through the campaign up to that point.

You need to take down Eramis, Kell Of Darkness before you can go after her followers. Visit Variks after completing the campaign and then finish the quests he sends your way until you unlock “Reclaiming Europa”. Finish that mission and the Hunts will become available again.

After you complete each hunt, you can play them again through Variks The Loyal. You need to visit him and spend 40 Herealways pieces to obtain a Hunt and complete it again. These are pieces of currency that you earn after finishing the Beyond Light campaign. You get these by completing activities on Europa such as Lost Sectors, Patrols and Public Events.

There is no limit to how many times you can attempt them so if you’ve got the money, you can spring for the Hunts as many times as you want without having to grind too much. Just as long as you’ve got the right gear for the battle ahead.

The Empire Hunts are a lot like the Wanted bounties offered by the Spider at Tangled Shore. Now go out there and show Eramis’s followers exactly who they’re dealing with. There are also many other activities you can try out in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.