Destiny 2 Season 15 name and character leaked

destiny 2 forsaken art

A leaked advert for Destiny 2 Season 15 has all but confirmed that it will be called ‘Season of the Lost,’ and it’s also showed, and confirmed the return of, Queen Mara Sov.

We are getting ever closer to the launch of the next major Destiny 2 expansion – The Witch Queen. Meaning that the Beyond Light saga will begin to wind down, and as its own story begins to close, a previous storyline will reopen.

Not only has an advert leaked that Season 15 will be called Season of the Lost, but it’s also suggested that we will see the return of Queen Mara Sov, having not been officially seen since the Forsaken expansion.

destiny 2 season of the lost advert

The information leak is completely innocuous as it just appears that Razer has accidentally uploaded their adverts a bit too early.

In it, we can clearly see the official Destiny 2 text, font, and colors with ‘Destiny 2 Season of the Lost’ advertised. As noted, we can also see the distinct appearance of Queen Mara Sov.

We already know a few details regarding Destiny 2 Season 15 including a huge raft of gameplay changes – mainly to the game’s abilities.

d2 season of the lost advert leak

There have also been calls to drastically change each season’s “stale” activity, but the focus now will surely be on theorizing what the new season’s name means, and why Queen Mara Sov is back.

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Naturally, fans will begin to speculate what Season 15 could have in store for players and if there are any more significant changes on the way.

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Image Credit: Bungie