Is Destiny 2 crossplay? How to play with friends, platforms, how it works

destiny 2 crossplay

Despite being available for a few years now, Destiny players have had to wait on Bungie to deliver the ability to play Destiny 2 with friends across different platforms. It’s now here, and well detail how it works.

The Destiny 2 Showcase on Aug 24, 2021, was a big day for fans and lovers of Destiny. Bungie’s ever-growing FPS game had a full presentation showing off new Exotic weapons for Season of the Lost, full details for “The Witch Queen” expansion, and a plethora of updates for the game as a whole.

But Bungie has also teased Crossplay coming to Destiny for a long time, acknowledging that this is a big want for the game’s fans. With Season of the Lost now in now full effect, can gamers on different consoles now interact with each other?

Does Destiny 2 have Crossplay?

destiny 2 crossplay screen

We are pleased to report that Destiny 2 now does indeed have crossplay! Bungie has said that crossplay would be coming in Season 15 of Destiny 2, but delays and other factors could have impeded its debut.

Thankfully, they have not. Season of the Lost has enabled crossplay for users on different platforms to take part in Raids and missions together.

Destiny 2 Crossplay platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, PC & Stadia

destiny 2 characters season of the lost

Crossplay is supported on all platforms for Destiny 2, meaning that players across PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia could all join forces to assemble a Fireteam.

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This is the perfect time for players to start becoming attuned to the new format and way of doing things before The Witch Queen launches.

How does Destiny 2 Crossplay work?

destiny 2 guardians in combat

There are a few steps and processes that budding, cross-platform teams will have to complete first before jumping into Europa or anywhere else.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to party up with crossplay in Destiny 2:

  1. Check your account to see what ‘Bungie Name’ you’ve been assigned
  2. This will be your platform name plus a hashtag and 4 digits
  3. You will need to add any friends you want to crossplay with
  4. There are three ways to do this:
    • Use the friends feature to link different platforms and send Bungie Friend requests
    • Go to the ‘Invite screen’ in-game and search for your friend by their Bungie Name
    • In the menu, select the ‘Roster’ tab if you’re on the same platform as your potential crossplay partner, now send them a Bungie Friend request
  5. Now that you’re connected to your friend(s), simply invite them, and go and enjoy Destiny 2 together!

Bungie has said they will add more features to Destiny 2’s crossplay in the future and will continue to expand, refine, and perfect it.

Along with Season of the Lost content, crossplay should keep players entertained until Season 16, and The Witch Queen expansion.

Image Credit: Bungie